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There were you had both sides of this democratic party represented the establishment guy versus the you know the burnt bernie sanders endorsed candidate uh but they were able immediately after that primary to sort of decide that they were going to pull together and tom perez fellow the defeated defeated in the democratic primary became an ardent supporter in campaigner for you know for the ticket and that made a big difference and that is what it's going to take i think for them to take the energy that's out there and turn it into electoral wins gazali democrats have an advantage right now that i think can be underestimated which is a common enemy i mean that is a very powerful force in politics and i think it's one reason that so many republicans rallied around the flag and decided to vote for donald trump despite their concerns because they're antipathy toward hillary clinton was that much deeper than their antipathy toward donald trump right now democrats have a villain they have somebody to run against in that can be remarkable unifying force and i think that's probably going to carry the through the coming year the question is should they gain a little bit of power like in the house of representatives may be then we'll that you not unity hoped but i think for now despite their divisions they do have that going for them hillary clinton really laid low this year for the most part she released a book she did some interviews but she didn't do as much campaign i mean barack obama was politically active this year he had three of the top ten tweets on twitter of the entire year josh i wonder how we view hillary clinton's role in 2017 particularly whether or not she's done politically it's the end of the clinton dynasty in democratic party politics and i thought that moment was crystallized when one of the leading prospects potential prospects for president down the road new yorker senator kirsten jila brand essentially through a former president bill clinton under the bus on on the whole issue of sexual misconduct uh christian jila brand who was supported her her rise to the senate was supported by by the clintons suddenly turned on them with with rapids.

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