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Then let me think about this for second where you don't have normally three hundred and fifty pound people on the same plane envious as the hundred seventy five pound ball, baseball, hockey soccer. Okay. So it's not let me tell you about casper. If I got better sleep last night. Maybe that wouldn't happen. You think an eighteen year old kid could deal with bangs? That's what it's all about. I mean, craw not ready. Yeah. Every sport boxing is just gonna say physical sport was the what's the word. That was missing there. Like, a sports is basketball. You got me on basketball. Got you on all. Yeah. Yeah. I don't have a lot of room to move on this what donlevatar yo chicken times to God's modern gob live at our show with this to God's on ESPN radio. So I got us to got story for you. And we're going to update the polls in a second. This is not surprising about Stu gods. But he just he has no idea really how annoying he is though. Because he has been doing nothing for forty five minutes but wandering around here making nothing, but fangs references because of the Denver Broncos coaching search. He's just wandering around wearing everyone out with commentary on the defense. Could be fangs out, you know. And he's just he's got all sorts of ideas. He's bouncing off the walls in here. But this is what happened a couple of days ago. I'm not making it up. I need to explain to the audience the difference between the TV and radio studios. We work at the Cleveland or in south beach is famous bar on a famous strip of land and our radio and television studios are connected, but separate they're soundproof distances between the two and every once in a while. Stugatz will walk just leaving just leaving the building sort of through the television show because he's gotta get to go where he's going. So this is what actually happens I see God's leave. It's normal thing. We're done. I think. He leaves my view, and we are presently taping. And what we are taping has the numbers twenty five and ten minute. Okay. I want you to just know that this is all the information. Gots has as all he's heard is twenty five and ten now we were talking about Zion Williamson in a game or something. But we are taping. We are doing the segment and Stu guts yells comes back in and yells. You guys talking about the Pacers man not getting enough attention this year. It's the quietest twenty-seventh thirteen starting MBA yell to him. Get like you would with a dog. That's eating something shouldn't be. I love a good peyser snack. I mean. At lebatardshow. What would the pace snack Bacall? You take me. Take me for a walk. I p and a couple of bushes. I come back. You rub. My belly and give you a little Pacers. I talked couple of depots The chew. two. Lebatardshow Instagram and Twitter is how you update the poll. Does anyone else think that's weird? Like, he's got plenty of places where he can give all his sports opinions. The idea of telling us he's on his way out the door that the Pacers are underrated is useless to me. I think the the guys on this show just numb to it. They're used to since nineteen years old. Yeah. Bangs out defense, though. What are they doing Denver or are? They just get it. They're going to have things defense. And what are they doing the job under heating care? He just wanted the job. He didn't get what the arrangement was. And so I guess Scooby running off. He's like let me run the defense. Just the title of head coach kubiak, and do whatever the hell he wants on often hangs out this from long time longtime football insider, Alex marvez. Nothing concrete nothing is capitalized. But NFL folks I've spoken with this morning. Believe Chris Richard will land the Miami Dolphins at coaching job. Chris rich guy was different. It is the cat is really. Is it Richard or Rashard? Christmasy french. Why would you be friends? Now, he's there's a huge difference between Christmas shooting. Short. Let us calmer shore because Billy's right about this Richard with. Was just seeing how handsome this man. God Cowboys K R I S or this guy. This is the guy. Oh, he's handsome. Tim O some rate higher..

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