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We'll let morgan figure this out like she just figured out the parking lot coming up. How do you know this year's emmy nominees play along our game next. My name is lady whistled down. You do not know me and never show but before warm judea rita i certainly know alleged. Be not if this a scandal. I shalam coverage and share every last detail. That was our favorite gossip writer. Lady wilson from bridgeton. The netflix show is nominated for twelve. Emmy awards which is going down. Sunday on nbc. So in honor of the big night. We're going to play lord silvestre's emmy extol unease and you guys have to get them talking about. Are you ready. We're ready all right. There is gentle meets buckle up in her latest road. This animal loving actress reminded us think twice before getting sloshed. After one too many you may face. Some turbulent encounters shelter just left her husband after the pandemic. It was a shock. This is now. There's no turbulent landing working in the skies. Kelly cocoa kanter cucolo days. I was like what is happening showing. What are these all right next. One this iron is the hottest grandmother detective we've ever seen on. The small screen has a love of cheese with and it's no stranger to the innings. Kate winslet let's see the reveal winslett. Everybody was winning the money with here. I literally these i'm like. What are we got this. And i knew it i knew it. I had a feeling we're not in kansas anymore. This next lord jump the pond for his role as football coach where he learned that fries. I'll call chips chips. Chips are 'cause. Chris ted lasso king kwa preston was eerily. Swear to god guys aren't i. This star has been acting for thirty years and it. Isn't i row where she's dealt with men if we had to guess her.

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