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And he didn't really shed any light on at that i know he said oh i don't i don't know about that it's actually in his other ran i guess so the yuck continues in hollywood the government and really anywhere where there's you know people in power using that for evil you remember uh the superman movie that had that guy who was pretty handsome brandon ralph m but he never was so brian singer directed dinai always sought mice to myself 'why is kevin spacey lex luther he's the worst choice and now that i see the usual suspects brian singer protecting one another because kevin spacey should never be lex luthor he's just not the right guy ford years and have the right looker anything and he couldn't figure out the character either in the film and you know there's a twotime academy awardwinning kevin spacey but now that i'm looking at bryan singer bayonet i'm like uh he cast his buddy what happened to that route gay member he did that movie he was under contract to be superman and he was perfect for it what we had him in studio george scott pilgrims say is the world zach year the other thing is that he was he's he's truly the most perfectly suited superman you ethic he's just he's clark kent right so he's the guy wide wasn't he and then matches are longer gone and he was sitting there under contract have been waiting to do the net second movie he's in a tv show called legends of tomorrow and he was also an arrow he played the item know what i started yesterday while we can of superhero stuff have you seen the punisher on netflix all how we get now i haven't seen it i instead watched the whole a season of stranger things is between surgery things and the punisher so do you like stranger things my god in colorado graders in a little bit of a nightmare that crazy guy with the face was rock album teeth all teeth face yan no face had a nightmare about him last night.

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