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I am annoyed at the idea, though, if somebody trying too hard to be somebody, they're not, and that's like a separate thing altogether. Right. It's like it's not about me in our business per se. It's about somebody trying too hard to be our business that feels. Oh to just as like such a bad waste of their time. And they're going to put all this energy into something, especially they're serious about starting a business, and it will potentially more likely than not kind of be a laughing stock at some point unless everybody is just going to blindly follow whatever you say because you're so liked wherever you are. You know, it's like somebody is people know who we are over there. So at some point somebody over there is going to be like wait, I feel like I've seen this before. Yeah. The potential for about four them. No matter what anybody says, and it's like, bro. The the potential for it to backfire is highly likely due until I'm going there in my head first thing, I'm like, you're gonna look like an idiot. Yeah. And you're trying to start a business and you're over there. You're going to spend way more money than you do over here. And you're gonna lose this in also this kid's young by the way, I looked at his Instagram, and I'm like dude you like twenty and if you're older than that well way to go on staying underage looking. Super you take so many vitamins and have said facial care out. But I'm just like you are already going to fail so hard if nothing if you if you don't change this immediately. And it's not about me. It's just you're going to look bad, and that's lame because. If he's got the passionate open a business if he loves coffee. He's got things that he believes in those things are going to be his bread and butter. They have to be they have to. I just don't believe it works otherwise. And that's part of why we work that's real stuff. That was great time today making the coffee talking about with many people in the random. Odu people bring it up to you. Now. Like, oh, no, no sorry. Not the style thing the values and just os are cool stuff. That was a lot of that. Yes. It's good stuff to talk about. Oh, man. Especially with the relatives. How's that go? Well, it's interesting because everyone is how's how's it? Everytime. That's freaking awesome. They're like what are you going to do? And I'm like, oh, we're building a couple more stores, and we're thinking about doing this this thing here, and this thing here, I'm being nonspecific on purpose because we have some plans that we share team. So you get here first. And then people will ask like, so why should anyone by your copped? What's the deal every time? And you're like why in my immediate answers like, well, they shouldn't they should buy whatever they like. Well, if you're gonna sell me coffee, and I could buy all these coffees. And so it's this. It's an interesting. Interesting platform to jump off on. It's the best way to talk about a business. I feel like it's a curveball for two-thirds if not more of the people there like, wait. What are you talking? It's a curveball for most people in like, well, you know, we have a mission statement, and we have a set of values, and we do business based off of these values, and if people resonate with those values and what we're trying to bring to the world and they're going to enjoy being part of our extended family, right? Enjoy being on the cat and cloud team. Whether it's as a wholesale partner or subscription holder or a random online customer. Sure. Like, those values resonate..

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