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Okay you're right that's a lot always every week and i marry i you said i finally got a make out scene and it was with the the woman from the goldbergs that's right yeah yeah but it wasn't in the script remember that how awkward that was yeah we're doing rehearsal and then salmon goes so my daughter's working on the the movie with us she's there and she's watching the scene and we're just were were rehearsing the line so drew barrymore's there in san mines there and then goes danny kisser i just met her like minutes earlier brought or some luck on the goldberg yeah what's your name covy wendy wendy wendy mcclendon kobe and very very funny very talented but and then my daughter sees me kiss this woman yeah so we got done with the take and she goes you're gonna tell mom i said has some gonna tell her and she goes okay i won't tell her i said no i'll tell her because i didn't know it wasn't in this great mouth closed kiss no it wasn't you gotta yeah yeah open are you a rams fan now are you a charger fan you care well jared jody your nephew jerry jerry you have a nephew named shared yes both jerry but jared i got a a friend of mine works for the rams michael venit hey he and he called me up and said the jared like the longest yard and he signed a signed a ram shirt his shirt that he used a when they played seattle which i told my kids they were excited they smell the shirt and everything but he signed a shirt for me and they asked if i would sign his mean machine shirt so i did that just yesterday.

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