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Okay Ashley so today. We have a very special puppet named Etta and she was submitted by her mom. Louisa and Louisa had been wanting to adopt a dog her entire life. Same but for a bunch of different reasons. It just was never the right time and I'd like to pause here and say to be fair. I can vouch for them being very different but I feel like dogs are kind of like having kids right time never going to be a perfect time so Louisa had just ended of super toxic relationship. That was times abusive a few years earlier and had been dating this really great guy the first guy she found after this terrible relationship she got out of only to have this guy break up with her she had moved for what she thought was her dream job but it turned out to be a complete nightmare and she felt like nothing in her life was panning out and she found herself getting increasingly depressed and she did but I think a lot of us. Do we get to that point. Look at pictures of dogs on the Internet and she came across this beautiful pit mix at a local shelter and knew that this was her dog. She contacted a shelter and lined up a meeting for later that week and was about five or six years old at the time and had just been rescued from Tijuana and it was super clear that she'd been used for breeding an already had like several litters of puppies. She'd been living on the streets and when she was taken to the vet the rescue it was discovered that all of her teeth were broken and a ton of them had to even be removed. A happen all of them are broken right. So based on the damage the vet speculated that she had broken her teeth while being caged and she had likely tried to bomb away the metal wires or Steinem completely destroyed her baby and later they found out that not only did ever have a bb lodged in her abdomen. She also suffered from and will continue to live with premature arthritis and a tick borne illness. Louisa was able to take that very evening. They I met in the park and despite having only known each other for a few hours immediately hopped up on the couch with Louisa and CUDDLED UP RIGHT LOVES TOUR. Or Sheet Petrin. They've been inseparable ever since and despite all her health troubles is a sweetest happiest dog. Loves kids babies which I think is like a pit thing like oh my gosh. They're obsessed such bad raps but they I have found. Pits are the most like cuddly lovable sweetest little babies. They are truly like the Teddy Bear dogs and no one can tell me any differently. She greets every person she meets with a wagging and a request for pets and even though it can still be really painful for her. She loves playing with other dogs. Louisa has done everything in her power to give the best life possible. Not only because of a rough start in life because even though Louisa adopted her on paper. Allah is really the one who rescued quick feet. We can I feel like every one of my stories ends like that. It's terrific real. Oh my God I love. Oh my gosh. Join us a picture of little. Be On our website Ashley. Can you describe me those years? You could take flight with those years. Oh my goodness. She's the cutest little black dog with a little bit of white on her pity pause in her belly just above her nose and she has. Yoda ears that. Just stick out lockdown and again. She's like the dog version of baby yoga to be like GonNa take fight with them. They are the cutest things I've ever seen literally. I got these pictures from Luisa and I responded to the email. Omg those ears hit. Send before he even said. I was like so focused on those adorable floppy ears. I still can't get over them. I give her a kiss on the nose for us. I love she. Needs all the BOOP. Flip flop her little ears and of course we're going to feature an adoptable puppet today as well and Ashley are listener. Joe Actually contacted you directly and you were super kind to forward that information me for the segment so two days adoptable prophet is daisy. She is a four year old German Shepherd Husky Mix. She's super calm. Which seems unlikely but she does look like the perfect lazy dog all the pictures I have. She's around seventy pounds but could stand to lose a few pounds which will be. She's super sweet friendly. Well behaved and his even completely house and create trained and our listener. Joe Is in around Atlanta Georgia and said that she would be able to help transport at least part of the way and even send supplies with these two forever home. She is currently fostering. Daisy needs to find her a home as soon as possible. Yeah it really liked touch my heart mitsubish out. She was like listen. I'm fostering these dogs and I can't keep them forever. They have to find the forever home. You guys have such a big reach like. Please just put that out there so I hope that anyone who lives in that area or surrounding area. Well at least take a peek. I mean the perfect time could bring appropriate into your home at pigs walks together. Yeah but actually I should mention you said dogs. There were two dogs but one already adopted. I only have daisy to feature today. Honestly like I'm thrilled about. I'd love to have no dogs needs to be adopted. 'cause they're all have loving homes but is still out there all of the information on her as well as how to contact our listener. Joe For more information and pictures of course will be on our website. Everyone go kiss.

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