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By play Morocco guide Dave Logan at chess see what he thinks about all hold it has been going on especially the buffalo game that's coming up next but first traffic every ten minutes on KO eight but the plane flight home was pretty quiet last night a we've got ourselves a pretty crowded drive westbound I. seventy six heavy for commerce city and all the I. twenty five to seventy load up in both directions that I seventy Dr getting real busy now between I twenty five in two to five pretty much loaded up in both directions if you're traveling on I. seventy heading out to the airport Pena Boulevard looks good so far it is busy at the airport this one southbound I. twenty five through downtown you've got the real heavy drive from I seventy down to six to have you and then that drive in the Texans start to load up now southbound is on a twenty five a battle in the sun and each other from right around Santa Fe south bound to do five heavy from I love this one a lot of traffic in the Littleton area on that drive on on Santa Fe southbound is real heavy as you make your way down from bowls down past Hudson gardens and then down toward mineral on north found is heavy in through Littleton and then as you make your way through the Inglewood area and the Santa Fe opera that's been standard this report is sponsored by credit karma get your truly free credit scores from credit karma monitoring and free credit monitoring from credit karma today download the credit karma app credit karma here's to progress next update ten minutes on KO eight fifty a a ninety four one FM Hey mark where your cargo I sold it onto a police dot com it's the only way to get your Carly swap police with simple.

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