NFL, Joe Locke, Roger Goodell discussed on AM with Michael Hart


The national anthem but i would like your thoughts on number one the nfl deciding a fifteen yard penalty for teams that in fact neal if they come out during the national anthem and then the story of this petition circulating calling for several of the nfl's top corporate sponsor to cut ties with the league after it banned players this week from kneeling and protest during the national anthem now before you answer i will say that i am one hundred percent opposed to the nfl penalizing these teams for mailing because not only is it not only is it an opposition that always a confrontational it is nothing related to the performance of the game you are penalizing people for a cultural decision that i think has you know it's got its merits to have that discussion when the nfl gets in the middle of it starts to say well if you neil we're going to penalize you all right next month if my linebacker joe locke it comes in hung over to practice it's a five yard penalty and it starts this potential snowball effect i know it's a pr stunt i know is designed to bring people back to the stadium the owners are doing something they've also clearly stated at least one of them that they are f word afraid of donald trump roger goodell is obviously responding to pressure internal pressure financially and economically speaking and i'm very concerned about what's going to happen but this on the other hand particularly when you're talking about an organization that is worth in terms of marketability attendance salaries all of the team where cetera center an industry that moves billions of dollars when you start to impact the product itself by the outcome of the game because what's going to happen is they think that this is a great way to respond to the kneeling but what's going to happen to that stadium that does have a handful of still loyal fans that goes to a game that might have might have playoff implications that is tight in the fourth quarter and the outcome determined by less than fifteen yards and that team was penalized those folks run for the hills they'd had enough what do you think i see your point and let me go on record by saying that i understand the kneeling part of it.

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