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But the defensive line was not the dominant defensive line that we had seen. A most of last year in the recent beings because they think they got gas at the end of that game, and Kyla Murray running around and they just couldn't go ears pinned back because they knew that Marie could slip out of there, and they had to Stay into those lanes if they didn't do a good job of and a lot of people are asking questions on the text line, by the way for 158 away can br about Kyla Marine. I heard Tim talk about this during your broadcast yesterday, which was you gotta have somebody fast enough to stay with Kyla Murray. But if you're Robert solid, don't you have to try something because he was shredding them getting out of the pocket. He's a special athlete in high school. He didn't lose a game. He went like 43, you know, and he fast for over 10,000 yards. He also ran. For over 4100 yards when he won the Heisman. Hey, had 4361 yards passing in 1000 and one yards rushing. He averaged in college 71 a half yards rushing a game. The year you won the Heisman Last year, He was second Lamar Jackson. He's a far better throw. I thought he was off yesterday. He did not have a great game throwing, and I was listening to get Greg Cosell in my ears all day. About how he missed a lot of throws. And when I went back and studied them or over the weekend to get ready for yesterday, he missed a lot of throws against the 40 Niners last year. So I thought he was off. There was one throat. It was right to Christian Kirk that he missed him badly. He is a lack of a crowd. Noise impacts. Somethings. I think it certainly helped their their offensive line and D. J. Humphries at left tackle. And Kelvin Beacham at right tackle to block you know Ford Bosa. But he is a a difficult guy to tackle anyway. The 40. Niners had a hard time with him last year. He is special and the way they played the game. They not only played fast tempo get you on the line. We're going to snap it quick. And you You know, get you just sucking wind, but they he didn't hold the ball last year. On average. He held the ball like 2.67 through Ah, seconds of throw yesterday. If he didn't have his first read, he was gone. It was one reading go, but he's a much better runner than Kaepernick is an elusive Ragnar Kaepernick select after seeing that, right I see. Well, he Kaepernick would do it because he froze. He couldn't go to his progressions, which Jimmy played too much like yesterday where this was designed. You're not going to your second or your third. You are getting it out. If you're first is not there, you're gone and And we got to talk to Mike Pereira about you know, the sliding and how you deal with that, but if they also had quarterback Design runs there. A quarterback designed draws. He did that last year against the four denies your scoring the quarterback design sweep. I think they've got to be careful about getting him hurt, but he was. He's a baseball player, Billy being drafted him in the first round in 2018. S o. He slay knows how to slide and the one thing with Mike. We got to get into Is there is not Is nothing in the rulebook that protects the quarterback more than anybody else when they go into a slide if Kevin Coleman Just wanted the break into the second level and not just truck a linebacker, but he wanted to go to a slide right into him. They would not be allowed to hit him. But no one's going to do that. I mean, you know, Franco got crab for running outta bounds. No. Tight end or wide receiver running back is going to give themselves up, but they want calamari to give himself up. But then what do you do when he does, and I think those two personal fouls One Andre Greenlaw and one on Carrie Haider Jr. John. They were very different place, but this is why The running quarterback for years. What? You can't win another running quarterback Bobby Douglas and 72 Ranford 1000 yards in Chicago. How they suck. You can't win that way. And now we're seeing Lamarr, you know, being a number one seed. And there are protections that quarterbacks have and you got great offensive minds like Greg Roman and incorporate the quarterback in the run game, every single play, so you have to account for him show it changes the count in the box and changes the game. It's like having a 12 player on the field. And then when you get on top of it, and Lamarr doesn't slide down, he spends and tries to beat you or he's so fast. He just glides out of bounds. Skylar will do that as well. But he'll go into a baseball slide. Right when you're running up carry hiders on. I've got to get this guy and he goes into a slide. What the hell do you do there? You're running as fast as you can, because he's the fastest guy on the field. And you're trying to tackle him and then all of a sudden a nanosecond before you arrived. He goes into a slide and in green loss case, you fall and stumble into him, and now he gets 15 extra yards, so it plays into a sole advantage to give himself up with the baseball slide. I will hit the Czech side. There's about 45 really good ones. There's a question about Hopkins. There's a couple of questions about Jimmy will give you that. And then the top of the hour. We're going to Mike Pereira. Like I said some of the questions around the 40 Niners game and there was a big Call in the Cowboy's Rams game last night that flip that one at the ends. We're going to that with Mikey Rule books at 11. It's popping one. Thanks for joining us on Lee here on the SportsCenter thes his papa and Lund live on. FM. And he sees KNBR 1045 and 6 80 these sports leader, Chilton Auto Body Traffic.

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