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And just like that, Christmas is saved. Oh my goodness. You have watched a lot of hallmark movies, okay? Because you and I both know it was about money and about the biggest stage. Which, by the way, is totally Carlos's prerogative, right? It was about the Christmas spirit buster about love. All right. All right, I'm not gonna like inject any more reality. Let's get the bleacher tweets. Okay, our first one comes from Corey Rucker. Oh boy, buster Taylor and Sarah getting that pod ready after the koen coop, just like that we are. Yes, we are. Next one is Terry Jackson, on dance peace wants and siding with the cubs. I am devastated. Why? How I want to know all the details of the negotiations was there even a negotiation. I'm still grieving Freddie Freeman. Now this, what next? Von Grissom? Yeah, so there was a negotiation. The braves offered dansby a contract, they held the line as they have in some of their other negotiations, including with Freddie, and we don't really know if they would have stretched a little bit above where they were, but the fact is, is that the cubs offer blew the braves offer out of the water. It was like $75 million more. I felt and we talked about on the podcast, by the way, now Dan's be effectively would have a choice. Would he either take the money of the cubs or would he go back to Atlanta, the team that he played with and won a championship with and Sarah? Humble bragged to Taylor that in the week of the winter meetings, when we projected where all these short stops would land, we were a 100%, right? We nailed them all, but now that was blown up because the Correa to the Giants prediction turns out to be completely wrong and he winds up as a third baseman of the mets. I did not predict that. Next up is Andrew Campbell at real camp drew, buster. If you're an MLB GM, would you ever trade a superstar way for a gaggle of prospects? Boston has virtually nobody left from the Mookie trade. No one in Washington is going to live up to Soto or Scherzer. And the rockies return for aeronautic wasn't much either. Yep, that's exactly right. There's a perception I've had people in the Red Sox organization who tell me this that when you look back at how they handled the bet situation, they clearly traded him 6 months too late. They should have traded him before the trade deadline. And what was it 2020? And it's really cost them. And now we've seen the angels with Otani in a likely to be a free agent endeavors unless the Red Sox sign of those guys could be trade candidates sometime this July and along the same lines they're probably not going to get a ton. I would say this. The Juan Soto deal, I think it's too early to say whether or not that was a bus because the perception was the nationals did get a lot in young town. And last up is Debbie gammons Brown. We all know that no one can top Sarah ling's love for baseball, but we definitely have to include Terry Francona at the top of the list along with Tim kirkton and Peter gammons. And Doug glanville is really smart insightful dude. Do you think you'll ever end up in a front office somewhere or as an executive with MLB? I got to ask Doug the question about, you know, why that hasn't happened. I'm sure he's been approached with the opportunities, but I know this Doug absolutely loves his family and he knows that if he works in the front office, it directly impacts the time he spends with his family, the more time he spends in an office, staying on planes means less time with his kids. All right, that's it for bleacher tweets this week. Be sure to submit your question using hashtag bleacher tweets. That's it for today. And by the way, Sarah, we've settled on the next show. We're not going to have a show next week. We are going to tape a show. It looks like on January 6th, Friday, January 6th. So have great holidays. And the other thing I was going to mention this as well, we need to thank Taylor because Taylor put together an almost a completely complete show yesterday before the Quran news broke. So you're going to step up and thank him? Taylor, thank you so much for all of your hard work. It is absolutely devastating that yesterday's episode will not see the light of day, but you are never forgotten.

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