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So i can't say enough about the support i had As the loose student. But i'm saying like we're ahead. It's very encouraging to hear about all the support that you had and i wanna know. Why did you then or did you always know that you wanted to return back to your community and and work for in practice venison in in in four the ho chunk nation. That always the white. Yup i did i'm I did not like. I said i was a navy brat and i grew up away from my tribal community. We all came back right for holidays. Easter christmas summers That it was never Where we lived for any length of time So but it was always home. That wisconsin was always home and i think as a navy bread i was just i wanted I wanted to come back home. I wanted and i wanted to stay. You know i knew what it was like travel But i wanted to stay and build roots and raised my family and in one place and have them be close to their grandparents and their extended family and their culture and language. Like get all of that by being here. Sounds like you were the or the ideal candidate that dr owen was touching on that they're trying to look for people that have a commitment to return to their community and serving serving their Fellow people in their tribal dr owen. We talked about a little before we started the show and the episode about Indian healthcare system. Can you talk about what's the truth. That's in that and then also some of the things that maybe not be as representative i Hi dr delong. Great to hear you classmate of mine. It's fun to be able to connect The what's you know. You and i both laughed at because we saw some right The experience of feeling like you're waiting forever for your appointment. and That the other piece. That was really funny. I thought was that connection. Everybody knows everybody right. So there's Concern that some of our patients sometimes have going into our clinics. But i would also like to was just a sense of familiar and family even the Even through all of that that was connection but that they had with the clinic. You know it was an and i really try to get that through to my patients. These are our clinics these. We are the people who should be making the decisions about these clinics and getting more involved to make sure that they are meeting. Veeps sure. There's some frustrations but Again their hours and we just have to make them fit us the way that that they need to fit us do what we need them to do saw. Thanks mary and know. Can you expand on what aimee was saying about. The simple gestures make a big difference. Are you are you asking me..

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