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Six have been tracking a foreign prince a middle eastern prince who perhaps might be slightly large around the mayfair and making sure he doesn't cause a diplomatic incident his john day to had been spent hanging around mount st while fatboy had himself measured for a pair of purdy shotguns. First precariously brandishing a try gun. That's a practice test gun around the premises then throwing a tantrum. When he discovered he would have to wait two years before they were ready. And then later on. They're watching fat again from van outside a shuttered. Whorehouse here in south audley street the whole houses of south audley street are not widely advertised. Not obvious on this walk. But the interesting thing to me is that john kerry when he worked for my five worked in the building that you'll be seeing h. On this wall like field housing kuzma street. So john's lunch times would have been spent himself hanging around south orchestrate incurs street and therefore many of the locations in his earlier books and his perhaps most famous books tend to be from mayfair. More later now. The reason i liked per is because yes. The guns are intricate and expensive and highly regarded both as weapons for country shooting and as works of art in terms of the fine metalwork on them in the the woodwork on them but they also do a nice range of clothes racks jackets and so on and this shop is just great fun to look around his really old fashioned and traditional and just everything that makes mayfair great is exemplified by visit to purchase gunshop however however we are not going down south audley street we have we have a date in mount street gardens so we are heading east along mount straight past all the shops in the fancy restaurants. And on the right you will see an estate agents and passage along the side of the estate agents. Which takes you into mount street gardens. Sometimes as georgia's gardens and when you walk through first of all let me say it's even more of a favourite with me than grosvenor square gardens because it smaller. It's more intimate. It's sort of l-shaped which means you get little heidi corners here but also because eight is famous for kgb activity and you will see straight away and since georgia's gardens. Their high number of benches wooden benches many of which new would not have been there during the cold war however many of them were there during the cold war. And i've got information. That and i quote the second bench on the rights was used as a kgb signaling system to communicate with spies now the wrestlemania benches now that it's difficult to understand the second bench on the right..

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