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Preserve pacific this broadcast legacy the million advances welcome back cowher win here with you and in the studio with me said nina turned the president of our revolution and marta in big bear like california you are on the air marta with senator with senator turner hi marta carner um i want to bring up something that i think that the mainstream media out we only i did not quite job which wise to flat young millennial shephard far bernie sanders increase quite a bad as the primary um went on more and more young african american milan y'all uh supported bernie sanders and i think that going around the mainstream media going social media they found they were able to learn more about the issues and and now hear him and um you know in jeff killing a little bit of reached archina internet i've seen now that nick route increase dramatically and i talk to people all the time who now thank you know bernie sanders did not reach out kill african africanamericans and i just think the future air and that young millennials and that he us kale claim that how how we you know we're doing that with our revolution mm ota thoughts yeah a a life ban thank you marta thank you for sharing that marta and there's an awakening in this country immi 2016 was there it was heart but there is an awakening that we can be proud of and we know that senator sanders got two million more votes from the millennial generation then both secretary clinton and now a president trump and me the move linnea are showing what type of future they wanna live the what type of country they really want us to be and so we do have at our disposal if we can't necessarily get it all the time on mainstream media because it's tom pointed out were kind of stuck in all of the sensational things that are happening you know parents grandparents neighbour to neighbour each one teach when we the reach out to people and have those conversations and educate folks about what is really going on in this country at give them another view but what's going on it lane in austin texas you're on the air with the nina turner hey guys i'd rather birth from power but i own you're here on the.

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