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Directed by your goes, lengthy MOS. Did I get it? Yes. I don't believe. I don't speak Greek. But I think that's right. It's all right to me. He is the man who brought you the lobster and the killing of a sacred deer. And and people are comparing it to all About Eve. Oh, interesting. Yeah. Sure. Andrzej new so true Lopa, alienated affections? Yeah. Power hungry. Fashion as days buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride. The minks. Who wants to weigh in on the favorite? It was delicious. I actually saw this one as a double header with bohemian rhapsody. Ooh. And that was a fun day for me because it was both of them were kind of delicious, you know, in their own ways, very different movies. Of course. But I thought it was it's be useful to look at. It's absolutely ravishing. You know, it's all takes place at Kensington Palace is the eighteenth century. So there's tapestries and rabbits. And men and makeup and rate gowns, and all of that flouncy frippery is there and fun to look at three absolutely stellar performances from these women, I mean, it's very much on. But with three of them for typically, a nice thing for Emma stone. I. Released to she's the only one who's not British or self and is and has to do the accent. And I thought she did a good job as you pull it off. I thought she did this is not a Kevin Costner situation. No, Oh, I I don't don't think. think. So I mean. I will. I will defer to my friends across the pond. But you know, I thought it was a very respectable turn. It's there's nothing was this accents. I hate it. I just Libya Coleman, you know, with that off with their head to. She is really. And I honestly Rachel vise. And it's funny because Rachel is has been in all of land, Moses, movies and. She's a fat the characters fascinating character. And she gives her all sorts of interesting shadings. It's a cynical movie about power and manipulation. It has present day echoes with phony patriotism and a ruler who is prone to flattery and peaks fits fits peak. And so there's lots of interesting kind of allegorical echoes there that I think are worth worth delegating. I'm not I thought it was fun. I mean, it's not. You know, it's it's it's not great. Great great. But I thought it it's a very smart with Lanta, Moses other movies. I felt that he got too weird for his own good. It was on. And this is more controlled in lobster and at particularly killing here left. You thinking? Yeah. They put me off. They really needed me. But this he's working with a script by somebody else's Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara. And I think that's to his benefit. Because now his vision is being sort of tamed short by those parameters. And I think that's great. I think that works. Well, and it's interesting because I did a little reading on Queen Anne about you know, obviously, it's going to send you to compete in. And honestly, even as it's it's a crazy movie. But a lot of this stuff is grounded in fact about these relationship Sarah Churchill Abigail hill, really did supplant Sarah Churchill in the affections of the Queen. They really were cousins. Yeah. And they did and there were letters. I mean, a lot of the details in the movie were true. I do they do speculate. A lot about the depth and passion of the relationships, but the finish interesting. Yeah. That's the fun through those those moments in history. You know, thought it was a lot of fun. I liked the first two-thirds of especially. It has these backbiting contemporary touches, especially there's a dancing court where the men are all freaked up in the ladies are dancing, and they do this contemporary kind of what to see which is just out of no. It's great a great fun. Even some bits of dialogue to do that. Yeah. Very vulgar just want. Everybody to know. It is a nasty vulgar ri-, bald revolved body naughty movie. But it has a lot of fun in kind of done in a bitingly playful time how after two thirds of that. I got tired did. Yeah. And the ending left a lot of people that I watched with at middle say what the hell was that?.

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