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Academy at shawnee will Clark has reaction from the superintendent JCP superintendent, mardi polio says the latest testing results offered a mixed bag for the district owning some successes in some areas while saying the district also needs to own the areas where it needs. To step up, especially twenty one schools labeled as tier three or in the bottom five percent of schools in the state. He says that they preemptively had plans in place not waiting for the test results. He says that action will be taken. And a lot of pressure has been put on the district's principles pressure that he says they have owned and are taking with pride at Alex Kennedy elementary school will Clark NewsRadio eight forty W H A S Whitney Austin is recalling the day. She was shot twelve times. The Louisville woman survived a mass shooting earlier this month at the fifth. Third Bank building in Cincinnati as I was at the bottom of that revolving door, I think because my body was so contorted immediately started to cough up blood. And that's that's where my brain. That's what my brain. Immediately went toward I'm dying Mostyn spoke to ABC's. Good Morning, America. The gunman killed three people before he was shot dead by police. Bill. Cosby awoke this morning for the first the his first full day as an inmate of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, while his accusers speak about his sentence for sexual assault. ABC's? Mark Remillard reports from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. I was overwhelmed Lee's lot lube one of Bill Cosby's accusers who testified at his trial telling ABC she spent the sentencing hearing tapping down her expectations, so many times things don't go exactly the way, he says, she watched Cosby throughout the hearing saying it felt as if he wasn't in the same courtroom as she was he would smirk and laugh at times, let Luke Lynn says she was hopeful that Cosby would be taken into custody, and he is now completed his first night in prison at a brand new facility called SCI, Phoenix, Mark Remillard, ABC news, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. President Trump is standing by his supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh..

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