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President involve the next president they knew hillary was gonna win so that the mainstream media did not want to curry disfavor with the clinton east us and so they wanted to play a down the emails back and forth clearly demonstrate that they wanted to make it no big deal we're not going to report on this tell us again would didn't happen okay hey because they knew hillary was going to win and they did not want to have an angry president going after cnn and so that they downplayed it for that reason and it was a joke and how in the world susan did did duck colmey make the announcement of ten o'clock in the morning on a friday that at one o'clock was the first time that obama appeared with hill around the campaign trail that was coordinated to restart the hillary campaign they would never ever have done that for trumper borsch not in a million years well i can say it crack you get be or it may have a first amendment protection to keep government from a developing at our they get the enabler fit this point a neighboring shapal khan pray that train crack jammeh costas cnn's about the worst i was listening your rush or maybe it was hannity a few days ago and they played some of the questions asked by jim acosta of cnn two two president barack hussein obama the questions were about how his daughters are grown up in the white house what are is greatest accomplishments what ob reflections as president those are the questions of cnn to obama and locale a kosta one after with hoax and clause to us stephen miller and others the other day when the it is a market difference between coverage and cheerleading 102 republic can they cover and they attack when it's a democrat they backup and they support and they act as if they're objective and impartial when says the opposite is true susan.

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