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On notice reduce speeds wbz news time 705 time for the fourday wbz accuweather forecast with elliot abrams written some pretty strong gusts out there today as we do and in a running continued josh were expecting cloudiness to last through the day weaver adjusted the forecast matt regards take out the admission of sunshines on it possible misuse on this afternoon but don't count on it and temperatures today mostly in the '60s low 70s and the winds averaging nearly role but will gust do twenty to thirty five miles per hour in the city and out up to fifty miles per hour out of the cape ann islands and that continues tonight into tomorrow because the storm jose does move much then saturday and sunday some improvement becoming brighter in warmer seventy on saturdays seventy seven on sunday i'm accuweather meteorologist elliot abrams wbz newsroom wbz news time seven oh six in mexico rescue workers are racing against time to free survivors of tuesday's earthquake still trapped in the rubble some of whom or calling or texting rescuers to help pinpoint their locations this morning they're still trying to reach twelve you're old girl buried in her mexico city school when it collapsed she's telling rescuers that five more children are live nearby niksic answer stunned by the death and destruction brought by the magnitude seven point one quake this is not real i mean you've never experience or never theme that you're going to have a risk at all what happened on nineteen eight five that 1985 quake killed thousands of people the death toll from this one authorities say has reached at least two hundred and 45 wbz news time have you ever thought if i could do it all over again i work with computers those it guys had an aide what am i told you it's not too late that you don't need a math a computer back around a start in it career it's not rocket science it's.

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