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I don't think it's here early geika office thank you microsoft increases opt is so it speaking of idiot computers so at the editor's at stoppings at just interrupting whatever you're doing breathing worthless that dialogue boxes i was in an event big conference with lots of foods and tables and they had a their projecting up on the wall information in a big windows update box shows up as a we've got a new version of witnesses sat there for twenty minutes i take a picture of we got a new version of windows you update and that happened to me at an airport i think i was in atlanta somewhere in the pop up was on to scream synergistic hillis hold league free people ow it's just in a meticulous who's watching this this is the last blaze that should pop up and you should it just i is ridiculous so yeah you're right this is why i'm not worried about a guy they're not even naughty or even close not even close although it is funded look at those busted nymex videos as austrians if you want an actual a forecast into the next like uh maybe three decades nick boss rooms book super intelligence is a pretty good read um it it will help you understand the realities of a n i even hate saying artificial intelligence and talent tunnel internal intel intel intel talent until entitlement huddled tunnel intestinal internal intentional intentional internal antonel intentional internal intentional intestinal internal intentional intentional internal intel internal intentional until next figuring buck.

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