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Alison her. Talk an attorney and former special. Ed teacher is passionate about advocating for students with disabilities because she was once one herself. She was retained in the second grade. Because she couldn't read. She found out years later that the school psychologist did some testing and told her parents. Alison would never go to college. How wrong they were. Alison understands that a deep level. How easily schools can misunderstand and misses her students. Her struggle to overcome learning disabilities as well as the blows to her confidence. She took over and over again shaped who. She is today before becoming a lawyer. She earned a master's degree in special education and taught children with varying special needs allison's experiences as a special needs student and as a teacher make her a highly unique lawyer in the field of special education she's one and settled every case she's filed alison fights for kids as if they were her own. This is not just a business for her. But a calling. California parents can sign up for a free consultation at making schoolwork dot com. You can also reach out to alison directly via phone at two one. Three two nine zero three one seven and now back to our show what my friend told me when he started running something that changed in his mind is that he doesn't see himself just as a runner but he sees himself as an athlete and so now like when he looks at his life. He doesn't think like. Oh i just run to exercise or i just run so i can do marathons. I now see myself as an athlete. No different than some of the big sports players that are out there. I'm curious if do you see yourself the same way. And is there anything that you're doing on a regular basis to keep yourself and healthy. But i sorta tell you that. I've seen i i. She must have got to go much faster. Because i don i eight seville poke. He just pointed me. I did dr. It's okay keeping healthy. We're usually up in trying to hit the pavement and at six o'clock on saturday mornings then from there We go to a weight watchers meeting. Then we go to the farmers market and we pick up. We have a box of vegetables that we get every saturday from from johnson's backyard. Then here we have a treadmill and we have a bike. The treadmill i felt was important to keep her speed at a constant rate which is also helped. Because with this whole last week. We weren't supposed to be using anything with extra electronics. So the bike came in handy but I fall my yours. Yup about the point. See it i never. I never stopped running no them. That's a huge improvement to where it was right because you used to get on like two miles per hour and that was like that's all i can do so but to stay healthy and just keep that going and keeping that mentality of you know not just athlete but this is it's a lifestyle it's it's who you are. It's you know we've looked at the last year. We talked about this. To begin with you. Look at this whole last year in even up to for us these last couple of weeks to this last week difficulties. Bad things are gonna happen. Things are going to cap as you're going to encounter them. Differences is being able to take that insane. Okay this is the challenge. And i can build myself up from it or you know the other side is just let it happen and kind of lose everything you've done as an athlete of whoever you are when those challenge happens is being able to take that and keep going and that's been important with hers to let her see bad things can happen. Good things happen to and you take that and you just you build yourself up with it. And i think that has been the biggest part that and like i said the healthy eating. I also saw that. You wrote a children's burke is that right yes. Can you tell me about that. You keep talking. I'll go get you so you can just hold it up. They can't do anything with it. Being owned up. Tell me about your bud ie written Am is All there it is. I love it. It's cool to be me. Say he can malley email you his address. You will send one to sunflower. Okay okay. i would love that. She would love that. What is this book about moment. That i see indoors. Pinson once in may and m- map friend get mom didn't even make the cover of the book. Nay william yep not mom william william and then a moment I have a battling with my friend sang his threat to have hit me to have my My half married don. Yep he was born my head so in the book it does talk about all of that. But what i will build onto this. You understand this as a parent to sell. Many times is apparent. We've had to fight so many battles whether it's for inclusion whether it's just to get the right medical diagnosis and everything i mean. It seems like we've always got things that we hit with obstacles. What is really cool is when your child gets involved with something like i was running community and the except the alison. She is a part of it To find that is so amazing. When you say keep going that has been a big part of it is running community. Rich my My at my grandmom has a mos nor back to grandma. I love it here. We go so yes she. We're seeing the dedication page. Here is book is dedicated to my grandmother and everyone else affected by alzheimer's that is wonderful. Kaley that is i. I'm so proud of you for for writing that book and making it available for folks that are out there. I hope so. Many people get to see it not only for parents who have a person with down syndrome in their life. But then for those who are yet to me. A person with down's syndrome and really see what you are all capable of doing. Because you're it's fantastic. We're also proud of you and keep running and keeping healthy kaley. If i'm going to start running. And i decided tomorrow you know what i want to start being out the. I want to start running. What do i need to do first to make sure i'm successful at it. I Speaking of arado hitting a triple me just bigger. No yeah come on your payments or the nuts peanuts and nuts okay and then as being a lassen bottle. And what about kombucha and encompass k spinach and it's been young of course spinach no running to run. He should ryan. Yeah okay. yeah okay. All right well. I've got the tips now. So i'm in a amounts to it. It's all going to depend if my four children. Let me get out in the morning and get out there. I could only handle one. So that's impressive. yeah well. We'll see. I haven't i haven't made it yet..

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