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It's like the most amazing adventure for me and you know even the tough days you know. I can't say that in the moment of that tough day on thing. What a wonderful adventure. But when i look back at it later having survived that was you know even even than misadventures just have had life another day another month. Another year Is what drives me. And a lot of my research is about what the really what the maximum life span of humans can be and i slipped in a slide towards the end There's a new study that came out. That's basically suggesting one hundred fifty is within our grasp. Wow that's helpfully right. That's how not just a fan but health span. Yes absolutely so With all that. I can go through a quick review of sort of the studies in terms of who's involved in these studies and then we'll talk about peptides quickly and then we'll talk about. We'll we'll get down to the dna methylation so there are two clinical studies and there's actually sort of two and a half but we'll say there's two clinical studies of the first one. You've spoken about the teela. Mer study is what. I call a confirmation study. The the russians already figured out that they could use peptides They figured this out in the nineties that they could use peptides to activate the kilometers enzyme and that kilometers enzyme then allows us to replace or regrow or lengthen. The little any caps on the end of our chromosomes. And i won't spend a lot of time with because people could look at the the first video but why that's important is that cell replication takes place as a result of our chromosomes splitting forming and so forth. And when those chromosomes split they have to have an in cap to protect the integrity of the chromosome. In order for the cell to actually duplicate a replicated self perfectly and each time though Cells replicate you lose a little bit of that end cap as we talked about k..

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