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Here is Josh lanes. Bras, what is up welcome working interferences podcast didn't advice show. I'm Joshua Austin and Lance Timmerman forever. Lance, I had an opportunity about a week and a half ago. Yeah. To fulfill the dreams of a seventeen year old Josh Bowman. My goodness. No, it wasn't MRs stiffler situation now than okay less interested. Now kinda kinda turned off now. I get to go. See Hootie and the blowfish. Oh Oh my God. my guys. And I understand that, that may make many of our listeners snicker. Like most maybe. But I graduated from high school in nineteen Ninety-seven. I am a white prep. So that means that Houdini blowfish was instrumental in my teenage years. And so he came to Austin and I got a mazing tickets and I went with my best friend from high school David, and we saying every damn lyric at the top of our voices, every single lyric, except for one song that they saying that was one of Darius Rucker country songs that I don't like I don't do countries. So I didn't know I heard you went country every other soda Marie Osmond. Yes, I guess, successfully, I mean he is country following, I guess, we built it out every damn lyric of every damn UDI song, and it was amazing. And I will not apologize for that Lance okay? I was going to ask you who is like who's your version of Houdini blowfish might go? Hi leisure. Yeah. Like high school band like band that you were into when you're in high school that, like looking back on it. It's kind of a tough look, but still secretly play that album from time to time anything like that. Anything popping up in your in your brain? That's, that's what I really wasn't a high school ish. Or is it like wouldn't be high school? I don't know how would Barry Manilow and Neil diamond fall in there. I'm a fan, although I don't love Barry Manilow, my mom's big into Barry Manilow but I will ride with Neil. I will ride with that. They're awesome. I've seen berry live. I, I wanted to see Neil. And now as Parkinson is such that he asked too. He can't to. He had Parkinson's. I had no idea. Yeah. I would've figured he if he didn't have that he probably have a Vegas, residency or something and be well, I know that if you can checks he, he cancelled a tour a couple years ago because his doctor's orders. So if there's ever a moment where he's like in queens. He's like, I'm gonna play we will be buying tickets. And. Yep. Do you remember gross anatomy, unfortunately? Yeah, I still wake up and cold sweats, every once in a while..

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