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She said she had two hundred three dollars and lay away out of her kids she goes I'm so thankful we can do all for our babies this is such a blessing I'm so thankful to the secret Santa so Walmart associates spent class to get in several days calling these family saying Hey it's been paid off come pick up your stuff now they think this secret Santa lives in eastern Alabama first to be anonymous see that's that that is so cool yeah you know I I I'm a sucker for that that pulling at the heartstrings videos on Facebook and what not but sometimes you'll see these they call them you know as a social project yes where you'll have the guy that walks down the street drop the wall in front of a homeless person and then they filmed the homeless guy to see what he does with that you know what I mean and then if the homeless guy gives the wallet back with everything in it then they give him the money in it or whatever and I mean nice just your yeah but you're doing it for views on Facebook or the accolades of you know whatever comes along with your social project exactly I love it when people do something like this and it's solely for the good and to help others and not be like I was me over here yeah you know I love that cool and last Christmas the secret Santa paid every layaway count and a New York area Walmart could swear New Jersey in twenty seventeen there are more than ten thousand dollars Holloway I I halt holiday layaway items to the toys R. us in cherry hill one can't do that toys R. us anymore because it's not around but you know it's really funny I've actually seen this in two places the toys R. us stores still are the stores are still there and there are signs are still up yeah get the the choice arrest near my home has that has the everything you like the exact same yeah it's like okay are they planning something here that we don't know about I hope so because I know for all my kids toys R. us was like you want to kill forty five minutes you want to kill an hour and a half even let's go walk around toys R. us we don't need to buy anything just play with stuff yeah it's a great place to go that was my my incentive for grades every song is we would get the quarterly report cards obviously and it depending on where my grades were it depended I ate it meant a toys R. us trip or not who and there were ushered I worked really hard for the toys R. us your hips I had the new Furby Brad come on offered you number those things yes I do gosh I I wanted to I wanted them so bad and I had two of them those the ones the old they talk to each other in the jabber back and look like gremlins yeah looks like you know the little gizmos and I had two of them and you're right they would jabber back and forth and I love them until one night they decided to start jabber in back and forth at like two thirty in the morning no yeah yeah so I street Tom Brady that thing in my door and parents were proud of that but you know it had to be stopped he took care of its like the you know the the cloud in the corner in the middle of the night you know I was like Billy Bob Thorton and bad Santa with the alarm clock here she shocked it bad Santa with that that's one of those what do you want to say it's movies that you watch you really classic yourself it's in one of the classic but it's like a a kind of flow will would be is guilty pleasure you like watch the movies like I know I should be watching this but it's really funny well yeah I and you watch it over and over and over and over and over again I watch I watch that movie in July I don't care does not because this is very that's not not about getting in the Christmas mood with that movie now this is funny it's just it's just you know doing everything I'm feeling around the holidays you know so true he and he was the perfect person to play that is all you without a doubt Hey you don't need to you know talk about a an actor that can pull off so many different things he can be bad Santa he can be the NASA chief for Armageddon hearing flat you play like a scientist guy he can also play group Carl from sling blade number sling blade great movie yeah yeah Hey Carl the check out this engineer thank god no gasoline yeah believe a ball in every role he plays which I guess is it you know what an actor is supposed to be but he just takes it off every different route I mean he can do anything and of course very versatile I would I would guess that he'd probably say if you would ask him bad Santa but was one to speak for it he stood to all I bet it had to have been he talked to some of these actors and again some of their crazier old some of their funny roles those the ones they have the most fun and and it shows in and again that's that's what we love these kind of movies and and is the you know if you even put there is there's a lot of bad language and bad.

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