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Hays Hutchinson, Wichita Derby Hand over to peek in Lawrence and Amazon books. Amazon I books. There you go, And it's about his career and in broadcasting and doing the you know. The Games for the Royals and the Jayhawks. If you're a fan of any kind of sports in this state And love the voice of Bob Davis. That's a good book to pick up. Remember who did the Jayhawks before him before Bob Yeah. Who wasn't Max Falkenstein? Well, Bob and Max team, the team two years and years True. My I met Bob Davis years and years ago when he was in Hayes. What you doing sports out there. He's doing a little bit of everything doing it This way. I was in which it's up, there would be a story out of haze, and I'd call him up and say, Bob, can you do me a little? Do me a little voice on that story there in Hayes all you're sure and we kind of made friends. That way we went, went back and forth a little bit and And became pretty good, Pretty good column every other month or something, but No, you He hit it off with people like that. And then I got to meet him later sometime. And just in person. Okay. Abe meeting or something? And just delightful guy. Good radio guy TV guy. Just wonderful person to work with over the years. Bob Davis and the title of the book Watch. Fort is the dream is real. Okay? You've had a Royals fan. You may want to pick that up. Could be available just in time for Christmas. Some interviewed Bob a few times over the years and toys of delight. Yeah, alright, It's ah, 7 41 Now, Steven, Ted here on K Necessity..

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