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Komo news team is performed exams on the carcasses of two more sea lions that washed up in west Seattle this week. They found that they were shot just like two others that washed up recently. Komo's Steve McCarron has the latest from the team trying to learn more about the depths of the sea lion. Spanning they're looking at one light and one day the heartbreaking contrast cut Conley's, I on his daily trip to the shores of west Seattle to exercise a seal taking a break on the dock just feet away from a team of investigators as they try to figure out how this California sea lion. Die for that many to be showing up in this area is quite unusual. Casey mclean. Veterinary tech with the research group s are three as part of a team that's trying to figure out why it's happening. They brought this see line to a nearby boat launch to look for signs of parasites disease or wounds. Mcclain, by the way, says the Dead Sea lions, even though shot have something to teach us about their environment. The Oregon department officiant wildlife now is giving a green light to trap and kill certain sea lions they are trying to protect the fish. The sea lions are going after on the Willamette river experts. Have nothing is done the salmon and steelhead. There could go extinct. The sea lions are targeted near the fish ladder at the lamb it falls. The fish and wildlife department of Oregon can only remove ninety three sea lions per year. And only if they've stayed within a certain distance of the fish ladder for two days shocking. New video we have at KOMO news dot com show, someone throwing a molotov cocktail at a garage. In puyallup. It happened a week ago on one hundred eighth avenue east. The Pierce county. Sheriff's office says the seventy three year old woman was inside at the time. Investigators now looking for the person who threw that explosive. The homeless crisis continues in Seattle and King County. Mary's place kicked off a fundraiser called nochildsleepsoutside. Komo's Suzanne fog gives us a closer look at who's backing the camp..

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