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The Republic of Congo with you but outbreak in the northeast of the country has been declared an international health emergency about who's killed more than seventeen hundred people since the country's tenth outbreak began last August Schumer said in a virus is highly contagious kidding about half of those it strikes now that's why people who survive it Botha can be really helpful to the health services at this programs pull holdings been speaking to a room Bloomfield whose correspondent for the London daily telegraph newspaper he's been to the city of a penny in north Kivu province where he talked to some of the survivors the mental state to survive is it is it is remarkably robust given what they've gone through and the thing is absolutely critical role that base are are divided into the psychological and the almost the evangelical but within these thank you very grim and Bayless senses the event to offer people come first and almost a chance of recovery when you'll admitted with a Baylor it is a terrifying thing you you get taken into this centre you'll put into you I'm on installation you made of plastic the any contacts that you have with with the outside world would ordinarily be with doctor stress this struggle but they need to keep you have a survivor because they are immune to the disease who is that he's dressed in normal clothes you can really hold your hand and pulled the patients and that I've been through this before you can get through it yeah well the well that's just me say holding your hand talking to patients and and and that's that's interesting because there was a big stigma attached to it by a howl how do they approach than going back out into the community and not face being stigmatized trying to deal with possibly being stigmatized well I think a lot of them do you face our big mac and this is one of the other role but survived as they do you play because of the that that there's been a huge amount of what what what aid workers school community resistance people who don't believe me in the north keep the area but it by law actually exists are the conspiracy theories abound it's a very cool cars community which is being and and and the grip of conflict for more than twenty years survivors most of them come from the local they greet and they can go in and speak to people in their own language and say look I went through this this is what happens it is a real disease and that does seem to be having an impact because people are now saying okay well maybe this does actually exist in say best selling to take more precautions like reporting victims will bringing victims into treatment centers practicing safe funerals and so on and so forth and just tell us about the lullaby sing is so the level of icing is are the ones who work directly with victims on the other ones you stay in these isolation tents with Haitians or just as importantly looking after children who may be infected thank you have children in crashes next to the ability center is that parents are a bit dodgy our old being diagnosed with it but in the end the children all possibly within the twenty one day incubation period set no one who is not infected can actually talks among the children need looking off that they need eating they often need psychological support because they may be scared if the older and so the lower by singers the survivors look off to the man and it is quite remarkable because normally we have so many of them gone through this disease fairly recently which takes a lot to ask you that dealing with that and tried to I spoke to one woman who had lost both her children in the space of three days a two year old and a six year old and she was looking off that young babies amounts to what it was like and she said you may it's a little miracle I wasn't able to look after my children they died while she was our while she was ill but don't give me the opportunity to look off to other people's children and I feel like I'm doing something useful it really was inspiring stuff Adrian brown failed ten years ago you Ganda made headlines around the world when an anti homosexuality bill was tabled calling for death penalty for gay sex ever since then G. B. T. rights in different parts of the African continent of moved in and out of the news Janice Robbie Corey belay as Rick just written a book called love falls on us story of American ideas and African L. G. B. T. lives I asked him what he's hoping to achieve I started reporting on these issues in Africa at a time when the world was really up in arms about these so called kill the gays bill in Uganda which called for the death penalty for certain same sex sexual acts this you gonna story came to serve as a kind of stand in for the entire experience of sexual minorities on the continent at the narratives especially in the international press was that sexual minorities were defenseless they were on the run they were constantly seeking asylum and this class pretty dramatically with what I saw for myself what becomes very clear when you spend time in places like Nairobi are obvious on is that not only is L. G. B. T. activism happening there's also a lot of variation in terms of how sexual minorities are treated it's not all gloom and doom and despair you mention Abidjan member looking at ten ten or so years ago and there was say Gacy an energy BTC but at the same time sometimes those guys would get beaten up by the police who tolerating them we previously said it was a very similar confused picture in the times that something that still operates today yeah I think that a lot of scenes are mixed in that way a lot of times in the stories we try to localize homophobia and say one country it is easier to be gay than another learn you gonna for example is the quote unquote worst place to be gay I mean I think one thing that's important to consider is that a lot of individual experiences are mediated by things like class some level of education and how rich somebody is what their parents backgrounds are so even in a place where same sex sexual acts are criminalized if you are from a certain type of family you might not face that kind of repression directly and you might be able to participate in the gay scene that is very vibrant the sort of couple of narratives that you hear a lot that you touched on as well one is on sexuality is not Africa it's it's nothing to do with us and then you also hear homosexuals he's been around in different parts of Africa their ages matches as a western colonial invention was not the homosexuality it was the push back against narratives presumably play a part in your book or at least would pair but may be that things are rising against as well yeah I mean I think the latter of those narratives is more accurate than the former but one thing that I try to stress in the book is that L. G. B. T. movements look differently in different parts of the world which sounds like an obvious points but I think as movements in the west gained momentum there is kind of the flattening effect that takes place globally where we kind of expect to see the same thing and every location in solitude and Cameron could you are in and like the area was there something in their stories that surprised you something you learn this is an added perk in there a lot of case studies some negative some positives one of the most common threads through the negative stories that I encountered was the inability for an activist groups to follow through especially on high profile interventions when you look at the concerns as a whole T. L. G. B. T. rights increasing I think these stories that we hear about people being arrested and beaten arm other notable things happening to them those are horrible thing things for the individuals who are affected by them one thing that I found that I somewhat surprised me is that they do start dialogues within countries that have not necessarily been talking about these issues and in the long run activists find not positive even though it is extremely painful to get to that point because of the suffering that it tells as well beat Corey but in his book is love falls on us story of American ideas in African LGBT lives right it's a quarter to L. 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