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Time now for the Lakers in the world of sports. Eric Hagman's here on sports desk with all the new details. Eric, thank you. Leeann pants on both sides of his football rivalry. Got the answer to their question today. The one hundred beating between kit at Penn State September fourteenth at beaver stadium will be a noon start the second place brewers some third place. Pirates open a four game series of PNC park scheduled starting pitchers. Joe bus grove and chase Anderson time seventy five on the fan. Steelers tight end Vance McDonald believes the offense will be okay without Antonio Brown. Why is that because we have to be? That sounds really good. If I just left but players are great players. But at the end of the day, minute's living guys, to taking care of their job. And if we do that. I think we have the guys that really have Brown and Bill in the backhoe, jerseys. Both men he can play the position you can do what you do. We can make plays in. We're going to get it done. Steelers went through there. Six voluntary workout, wrapping up the second week of OTA's first round of the memorial has Ryan more of the lead at seven hundred par Jordan Spieth is one shot back Tiger Woods, spy strokes off the pace at minus two Eric Heckman do radio, ten twenty Katie case sports. I am to midday. I am aren't be off Repub singer songwriter. And I call DC home. I all about the DNV you might see me riding the metro on my way to show. But don't let Africans. Music distract. You be vigilant. Keep an eye on anything on your shell on the train or bus reported immediately. Let's what together to keep Mitchell. And if you see something, say something. The.

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