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Want help. did a couple times just to justify a couple points okay well that's good now the first thing out of your mouth is usually the one that at the top of the heart and so let's look that contractor role you've had some experience doing some construction work up again let's stay in this dream session for moment because we've got to get your head quiet we get your head choir Ilitch heart talk so to moral I give you your own construction company all right and your contractor what do you build. building residential just like home soon and things of that nature why is that what you would want to do. I just feel like there's an abundance of work especially in my location it's one I have a little bit of knowledge about an hour this alone so you can. what I've done you know I can look back at the end of the day and say you did that okay there's the answer. the first two things are not good answers well there's a bunch of work around here so I can make money doing. that's not a good answer right because that's that's a J. O. B. but we're talking about word matters worked it Garth was created to do and and so let's just look real quick let's do an assessment because I know that's what you want let's see if you got the chops are you good with your hands always been good at building or least fiction things. our different Bella hours and minutes yeah they'll come home I would I need confident Garth let's put into your guard the way we re ask the question Garth if I interview people that know you what they say you always been pretty handy you're good you're good with building and fixing things. now most people that know me in that same our what would agree with you okay all right do you love that side of things the construction the sit down the family go what do you want to create here let's look at the blueprints and great knowledge of that does that give you the juice if you think about that whole thing because you put a crew together and then you're building something that will last and and something that makes people happy how does that feel how does that make your heart feel. feel good because you know I'm I'm helping someone with her life and then never someone what they want that they really look for today it's a big milestone in people's lives okay so here's what we've done we went from you say I have no idea to what I want to do to you identified what you'd like to do and and you've revealed your heart and so now it's what is it gonna take for you to get there that's what's the scary stuff and I think that's why you've cancelled that idea out so let's just let's it either yes or no questions do you know what it takes to get the qualification in this situation this would be certifications licensing in order to actually become a license contractor in your state..

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