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I was in The cw so I don't know i i was. I was employed making money. But i wasn't happy and i didn't i didn't that didn't play well a lot with a lot of people and i and i have had to do all over again i would just shut the fuck up. Been quiet Cash bank my checks and mahaffey had a job. But i was so damn hungry that i needed had i had to do more to keep it to the epi and that was aaron judge on my part quite frankly well. The summer slam show was one of the last times. We'll see lex luger. He's not booked on the actual card but he is going to be around for the main of it on the baby face side of things But very quickly. We have a problem with lex luger. He's gonna wind up jumping to nitro. You're not involved in talent relations at the time this is on. Jj's watch right. yeah. And i'm curious from your perspective. Somebody who has been up and down the road with lex for a long time dating back to the crockett days and whatnot was was lugar sharing any of his frustration or unhappiness. Or anything like that with you or was he playing really close to the vest very close to the vest that was one of the issues that one could far has point to that That led to the locker room becoming strong. Bret hart supports lex. I've always thought had a good heart And we're seeing that today but he also is very introverted and very insecure so therefore a being so introverted and he laugh. I guess well how can a pro wrestler be successful introverted. Very good question. It can happen along. The light comes on the camera. Their red light comes on they can. They can perform But he was very quiet. So i didn't get any intel for him on on those things Whatsoever but you could. You didn't take a detective to figure out that he was not happy. He was even more quiet than he normally was. And he's saying to be disconnected emotionally from the brand and you know his dream of being the wwf. Champion was never going to happen. He realized that everybody else around and realized it. And so that great big pushy had with the buses and the traffic helicopters all that shit was assist to a memory and it was. It was a wasted. It wasn't wasted. But it was a experimented. Come to fruition. He had a hard time with that. As and so the boys you know measureless company and also if somebody saw somebody else uncomfortable or not happy then. All of a sudden private conversations would be held that would lead to bringing that topic up and adding salt to the woods. Sad to say. But that's kind of how this works sometimes so when you find out or how do you find out. Are you watching nitro when he shows up. Yeah yeah I can't remember if it was leaked. Or something i can't. I don't recall exactly the details. But i think i don't even know watching nitro at that time. Now you're not. I think a little bit more about it but i know that i got phone calls thinks that nature did you see nitro. See lugar whatever and and again you know. He makes us great verse impression. It looks great but You know i. I wasn't aware of his contractual issues. Good better indifferent. You know like. I said you said earlier. Jj was in charge of that. And i'm not blaming. Jj i'm sure. Jj wanted to do is to take care of business and and get the contract handle but it just didn't it didn't happen And on and i guarantee you this. This patterson Had bruce probably and i'm not point fingers at those guys They they had to be aware that This contract was and he was he was he was out of contract right. And that's you know. Same experience i You know just bad timing and and the other day it seemed like maybe meant to be hell. I don't know but So people know this isn't this isn't his head up so oh my god. I didn't realize this. They realized that they knew. And maybe they didn't care. But i think the last thing they thought it was just walk out and then walk in to the mall of america in minneapolis and.

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