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Humphreys the time is twenty nine minutes to eight a somebody the news. Now from Diana speed leading NHS heart surgery, unit has promised it's taking swift action after a leaked report concluded that toxic bickering between rival. Surgeons could have contributed to patient deaths in an external review the department at Georgia's hospital was, said to be split between two, Kemp's exhibiting tribal like, activity the south London hospital has stressed the unit was, safe but, it, was, clear that urgent improvements where necessary Council's are warning the, two-thirds of plastic food containers bought by UK households can't be recycled and end up in incinerators. Or landfill sites instead the local government association of England Wales is calling on the government to, consider banning low grade plastics ministers, say recycling rates are, rising but acknowledged that there's much more to do A UN report says that North Korea hasn't stopped its nuclear and missile programs and. Is attempting to silk conventional weapons. Abroad the study undermines President Trump's claim that funding his summit with Kim Jong UN June the country no longer posed a nuclear. Threat diplomats in Pyongyang haven't responded to the allegations there's international pressure on Zimbabwe's leaders to. Avoid, further violence in the wake of the country's disputed presidential elections the opposition alleges vote-rigging took place the United, States, says those with grievances, should pursue them peacefully and through legal channels The third manufacturer MAs has withdrawn its. Advertising from YouTube after one of its sweets who shown longside controversial music videos links to stabbings in London. Moscow the incident unacceptable YouTube said. It didn't want to be used to incite violence and was working with the police The record breaking Bluebird. Is set to take the waters for the first time in more than fifty years today the jet powered boat crashed. In, nineteen sixty seven at Coniston water in the lake district as Donald Campbell tried to break his own speed record he died in the accident. A, team has been restoring the boats since it was salvaged. In two thousand and? One twenty six minutes to eight now Northamptonshire council has been in the news this week because it's one that it's having to strip back it services is run out of money now another county, council, east Sussex, has said much the same what's going on here. Is it because Westminster's being cutting the amount councils ghetto because they useless at managing it or maybe both and who is going to suffer the, most as a result. Of all this Tony Travers professor Tony Travers local government expert at the London School of economics Tony we know that they are getting less money. From Westminster it's true the national audit office produced a report earlier this year. The office is an independent. Body which reports to parliament and they concluded that local government spending it fallen by just under thirty percent over the. Period, since two thousand ten now some councils of suffered bigger cuts than the average some lesser probably the counties but less actually thought on that. Pivot, but why would some civil less than others because of. The way the government? Cuts away the grants after twenty ten they took grants away more grants away from with authorities in effect that had bigger grants per head okay and that meant that today even things tended to, lose, more right, they even things up yes they were that's what The minister at the time thought he was doing it was. Evening things up it was taking biggest more grants from the councils, that, got relatively the biggest grounds now for the county's many. Of them actually lost less ground relatively than some. Of the city, authorities but the county authorities tended, to have lower levels, of reserves and they're the council's also which provide social care for children and for older people too vitally important services. Important, but also ones which most resemble those the NHS. Provides and, if you think, the NHS's had to be given more. Money in real terms over this period when? Council fundings declined and as a result of that the counties where social, care is over is a bigger proportion of what they do than say city councils big cities then. It's. The counties that had coming, on the greatest pressure soonest I as. These grants and spending. Four, and specifically. Children's services May well be severely damaged yes because Initially after twenty ten when the government trying to reduce the, deficit started to cut local government spending eight of the council's themselves chose to protect children's care because all some of the cases we've seen in the past where the ended up being official. Inquiries about why things went wrong account his councils were, very careful with. With children's social care adult social capital early for older people was cut significantly in real terms. Even as the numbers needing, it increased and as that went, along eventually the cuts for older people social care was so great that the government decided to give more money to allow councils to put up. The council tax to give extra grants so that is now that. Part of local gums getting extra money but all the. Rest of it is still being cut and that's why there is now seem to. Be a risk for children's social pets but why is it that certain county councils light Northamptonshire in dire straits of those seem? To, be Managing is it simply because Northamptonshire in particular to take that one example has been incompetent well it would appear that Northamptonshire is to some extent the victim of its own poor. Decision making it's not they manage the money badly it's, just they wouldn't. Make decisions the council has didn't make the decisions I haven't made the decisions necessary to bring. Their day to day spending, into line with the with the, income for the council's unlike national governors have to balance the books every year that required by law to spend on the current spending day-to-day spending. No more than they can get in and Northamptonshire have found it. So difficult to do that senior officers the chief financial. Officer in particular issues the so-called section one one four notices two years running now. To say you got to cut spending to meet the amount of income you've goes now east Sussex I think, it's, east Sussex is trying. To avoid getting into that, position? By making these decisions voluntarily but it still leads to a more stripped, down version of local. Thirty seconds long term solution the long term solution would either have to be more taxes to pay for higher? Grounds, or the government walk taxes while they could be other national taxes and then pay through to. Local government. By grants or allowing counsel's. Freedom to put up their own. Council tax and possibly business rates which. They're inheriting every time the alternative would be this is true of the whole of government spending the government would have to say government will do this in future they would have to say we're not providing these services anymore you can't expect them hard, to imagine politician saying that so they're sort of track with needing to argue at some level for higher, taxation at some point Tony thank you. Very much it is, twenty, two minutes right let's take a look at, today's papers and news websites the guardian prints the much trail eligible Jeremy Corbyn in which The labour leader response to accusations he's been lenient on anti. See much and his party he says such people have no place in labor, and dismisses as. Overheated rhetoric claims that the labor government would pose a threat to Jewish life in Britain the telegraph causes words sad disappointment in an editorial paper says Mr. corbin's article is full of rhetorical urgency but on the key matter of explicit definitions of antisemitism he responds the paper says with Soviet, esque institutional lethargy. The Miller says Mr. Colvin's belated. Response to the anti semitism crisis is a first. Step towards repairing the damage inflicted, on Labour's relationship with Jews it. Seems the paper says that, he has finally appreciated the harm. Caused by the mounting row but it should not and. Need not have ever got this far in an essay and the times the political correspondent Henry's Athlon, says, it is Jeremy Corbyn. World view that has landed, him? In trouble in the first place he says the majority of Britons Jews, appear to be reaching. A clear and desperate Conclusion that Mr. Corbin would not have allowed relations with any other minority to Speidel to such an unfathomably low point as tension surrounding. Zimbabwe's contested election result, continue, to simmer the website of the, country's independent Newsday paper splendidly who is in, charge the paper questions why police initially tried to block, journalists from, attending a news conference by the, opposition MDC. Leader only to relent when a senior official intervened it says. The confusion points to the fact that could be opposing interested in government as it. Can only breed confusion and mayhem that a more revelations about the Russian gun rights activists who, was charged in the United States last month with working as an unregistered agent of, the Kremlin the Washington Post says e mails show that in the weeks before the two thousand sixteen election Maria Puttini socialized with a former. Trump campaign, aide papers revelations put miss Bettini in closer contact with President Trump's orbit Than was previously. Known reflect positively on Theresa May's meeting with the French president Emmanuel mackerel the express also city too much to hope that we're finally seeing. A breakthrough in zinc negotiations with the EU the paper says that whatever differences do you came FRANZ have Britain's earn fusion mastic consumers.

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