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It is seven one three zero seven also want to tell you about developing story this morning that is raising a few eyebrows at least we have another pardon for president donald trump he's pardoned pair of oregon ranchers whose arson conviction became a focus of opponents of federal government land ownership dwight ham and you remember this dwight hammond his son steve hammond convicted in two thousand twelve sent to prison on arson charges they set a series of fires on the ranch that spread to federal land this was the inspiration for that forty day armed occupation of the national wildlife refuge in two thousand sixteen the organizers wanted to protest federal land ownership now the hammonds distance themselves from the violent occupiers and they didn't endorse the action now one of the occupiers robert lavoie handful pleaded guilty to charges related to the occupation but brothers amnon ryan bundy the leaders the occupation were not convicted in a statement announcing the part and white house press secretary sarah huckabee standard sanders emphasized uncertainties in the case and the prison terms and fines the hammond said already paid the evidence at trial regarding the hammonds responsibility for the fire was conflicting in the jury acquitted them on most of the charges according to the white house the hammonds are devoted family man respected contributors to the local community and have widespread support from their neighbors local law enforcement in farmers and ranchers across the west justice is overdue for dwight and stephen hammond both of whom are entirely deserving of these grants of executive clemency both men currently in prison on five year sentences so this is a major development in this case again a pardon foregin ranchers at the center of that standoff this story just developing in the past hour getting your thoughts on the supreme court choice on the panthers whatever you like to talk about that we've discussed during the course of the broadcast today let's go to greenville and bruce good morning sir good morning bill i appreciate you taking my call regarding your david tepper his name into in this discussion just to to call so mad i don't think you know that he would probably want any questions about the national anthem and wasted on that because he's he's in the deep south he said something that was anyway you know misinterpreted say you know he supported those who did not stand that'd be a death knell for the panthers and second thing in regards to their you know as far as a new stadium i don't quite understand that because that stadium that oh no not at all looks pretty good regarding the supreme court pick i'm certainly happy day was conservative pig but it would be an interesting he would have picked the lady seven kids you know it'd be in the catholic if he would have done that if he would have got the pope on board speak about it that would've mafia range in it but and the other thing and i'll let you go is that mcconnell and i call it milk toasts mcconnell or said sack think he's much of a leader would win this comes around could he not have a quick vote on this as do it next week as opposed to letting the democrats go home and campaign on the issue and i'll hang up hey i appreciate your call there bruce and the truth the matter is i think they can set the rules for this however they want to your remember the filibuster was done away with on the judges this something the democrats this is a carry over for what the democrats did before and now this is coming back to bite him in the rear end so yeah they could rush this through however quickly they want now they do have to make sure they have all the republican ducks in a row for this that would be a major screwup if you lose some people there corey in charlotte good morning hey how're you doing thank you the i have my nineteen year old in my twenty year old daughter with me and we were listening to the broadcast just a few minutes early before they had the press conference and a young man was talking about abortion which you my middle daughter she's nineteen she's on the fence not having abortion giving the baby up for adoption process so actor about incest and rate that's when it clicks with these girls because when you said that it's not their bodies my oldest daughter just said oh my god that makes no sense it is my body the demand tell me.

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