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I watched katie and matt you guys know that i've why if you've been a longtime listener i love katie and i i watched katie matt growing up they were my jam girl i mean they were my raspberry jam i don't think this video this exchange because first it took place on eighty coling so i think context is important yet and number two katie and matt had a very unusual relationship you know what i mean lex and kd said some i mean i came back oh my goodness i eat there are clips of katy and matt acting totally inappropriate with each other on and that was that any wound i don't know katie hasn't said at home and watch i'm just saying i'm not defending matt lauer i've made it very clear i think it's disgusting i think he's of the his behavior is pig issue the button in his office the bravery of this woman however i'm just taking this one this one thing and going i kept seeing yesterday and i'm like okay i think were i think we're now i mean we're like pitchfork let's take every moment of matt lauer and go oh he's he's up pig here with katie i gotta tell you i know i i i've watched enough to know their chemistry that doesn't read creepy to me because i've seen kd be what some people can characterizes um uh unprofessional with him that was there that will thoroughly fair thank you that was their relationship lex that's how do you know what i mean like raising this well but yeah and i'm sure the question like that waves will what's his annoying quality any pitches my but you know that was just a funny little thing that she said and i i'm hoping that she'll say something about this because you're right i i feel like were watching this over and over and over again out of context it could seem croupier than it than it really was so hopefully shall say something do you think she well i think she will his podcast check that out to eat but again you know it goes back to what we keep the conversation or just the question we keep coming to and that is why how do these folks reconcile this how does gayle king you know who was on who is also on the anti cone talking about how he's she's meeting charlie this.

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