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Jim Shannon, Bernie Sanders, Nevada discussed on KCBS 24 Hour News


Jim Shannon the voters in Nevada caucus tomorrow and Bernie Sanders leads in the polls going into that vote Natalie brand reports a new poll shows Sanders a self described democratic socialist way out in front of the field in Nevada moderate people to judge and neck and neck with standards after the first two contests is going after the Vermont senator for his more extreme positions even though it's got very strong base of support that's clearly not what most Democrats want a judge's been focusing on key issues for democratic voters including climate change and health care well former vice president Joe Biden is courting labor unions I promise you will not regret having support U. S. intelligence agencies believe Russia is trying to win free interfere with this year's elections and help Bernie Sanders campaign the report in The Washington Post says that officials told the Sanders campaign that Russia is trying to boost his presidential primary campaign as part of an effort to interfere with the democratic contest the trump administration was also notified according to the report it's unclear how the Russians might be interfering in a statement Sanders calls Russia's Vladimir Putin an autocratic thug who is attempting to destroy democracy bill ray Cobb CBS news Washington after that disastrous performance in Wednesday's debate in Las Vegas Michael Bloomberg looking to short circuit at least one controversy he says he will release three women from nondisclosure agreements to address complaints about comments they allege he has made comments that may have amounted to sexual harassment or discrimination CBS political analyst Leonard Stein or there may be more NDA's out there but it's a good start that he's releasing it Michael Bloomberg did not have a sustainable defense on this issue he had to do something he's done it he's going to hope that that quells the controversy the nation's largest bus company will no longer cooperate with immigration control efforts Gary Nunn reports greyhound is putting the department of homeland security on notice it no longer will allow unwarranted searches on its buses or in areas of terminals that are not open to the general public greyhound says border patrol agents now must have a warrant to board buses to conduct routine immigration checks drivers and bus station workers will get special training on the new policy until now greyhound said it had no choice under federal law but to allow random immigration checks going on CBS news university of Albany New York is investigating whether an off campus party violated the student code of conduct it was a corona virus party with students wearing surgical masks and drinking corona beer the student group the Asian American alliance call it the insensitive and racist on Wall Street the Dow dropping two hundred twenty seven points this is CBS and news you can listen to CBS news radio twenty four hours a day seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com app download it today it's eight oh three at the bay area's news station KCBS highs today were in the seventies will get back into the sixties for the weekend though good evening I'm Peter finch here's what's happening it's nonstop campaigning in Las Vegas for the democratic presidential contenders on the eve of the first in the west Nevada caucus KCBS political reporter Doug sovereign says at this late hour volunteers are still learning how to run tomorrow's voting with a brand new system just put into place this was Joe Biden precinct captain training side but the other campaigns all have similar events coaching volunteers and how to get their supporters to caucus for them and make sure they're counted accurately Biden himself stopped by this union hall of fame his people expressing confidence that he's ready to break through in this more diverse state this campaign is really just getting started we're finally at a place where there are folks that represent the country look like the country and I'm not over the good folks in Iowa New Hampshire but this looks like America but there are new wrinkles to this caucus there are early votes to counter potential complication and the Nevada Democrats scrap the app that I used in favor of iPads with the Google caucus calculator Robert a union stage and is a budding precinct captain is more worried about Russian hacking and about whether party volunteers can figure out the right paths do I.

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Jim Shannon, Bernie Sanders, Nevada discussed on KCBS 24 Hour News

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