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Twenty years and a university of michigan and penn state educational do for ya working in major museums across the country as a young person and that evaluating twenty thousand objects a year so if you if you know if i haven't seen it it probably doesn't exist are there bring in items that they found maybe they picked up in a garage sale feels valuable and then they begin to which lie restore it themselves out people do that yet warn people do that they pick up the paint can and they think that they'll do it better by painting it or clutch oh yet that happens while the that's not advisable is it's no i usually say if you're not picotto dealt repaint that not in a exactly but you have suggested i think over the years they grabs him at least white vinegar maybe that would help oh i do say that you would like to queen something but you don't wanna be overzealous in cleaning and you also want to remember that you know if you don't if your concern your thing i don't really know what to do call your local museum get a reference for a local conservator or a local restore and even posted a picture there of you hold in how many a little or plastic gloves do you go through like you i should say the aachen though you're absolutely right i do go through a lot of them because they do a lot of events yes not like you're a surgeon or a doctor but you to produce a doctor by an act that that's true too but a medical doctor for example i entered this just to ensure that you're not in any way shape or form harming the antique that's brought into you like this somebody brought into you and and i don't know how your into sports or not but a yogi berra old time baseball card one big new york yankees fan and have been for many years everton my father played for the yankees so yes i am a big port and so yes um those pieces a yogi berra um baseball card would not faze me i would know what that is your father played for the yankees you did lefthanded relief pitcher and he's roommate was a gentleman you might noname phil rizzuto yes yeah he probably die think shortstop for the yankees for quite some tearing right uh i n.

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