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We love us episode thirty nine. The last woken anger. Yes we've mentioned episode recently. Yeah last week yes. So here's enchanted. Think about chances last week. Listen listen people in glass. Houses shouldn't throw stones ben. yes so last week Adds up front. I mentioned a a series from a book talker named katie. Whose handle. I'm not gonna look up right now because of my devices Oh maybe i'll try and minimize. I got it. Hold on. Keep talking okay. And and it was also shout out to tesla late at heart on tectonic. Who is the one who tagged me in it. So that was why. I was able to see it. And it's a four part series where katie goes through and watches the movie of lan chanted. Which if you listened to the last episode. I talked about ellen chanted and you know that like it's not just my opinion like it's a very. It's a very obvious fact that the movie is like a complete bastardisation of the book. They basically said like okay. Let's take all of the movies. Not terrible for what it was in the was in. But they basically said let's take all the interesting unique bell enchanted Strip it out meticulously leave on the only thing that's left is the obedience thing that's anything different from any other teen movie right young young adult romance at the time and then turn that into a movie with lake using a lot of the same names and stuff is not so katie. Felt much the same way as me about it. And so she watched the whole movie and basically like step by step was talking about all the differences between the movie and the book. And i had mentioned that i thought it was really great because it seemed to have convinced a lot of people in the comments to go read. The book hadn't read it before as it turns out Also convinced me to go back and read the book. So i did that this week and i was just yet again blown away by how great it is and how much it deserves so much better than that movie. So let's talk a little bit jealous sham because we stand ben hathaway we stand. Yeah look there was some great performances in there. I think kadian her take talks. Said she really liked the casting for the evil stepsisters. I agree. I think they could have been really great. I think anne hathaway could have been a really great l..

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