Denver, Boulder, Rostock discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


With employees who don't believe their company should be opened stores open seven to eight hours every single day when you're doing almost no business anyway is just reckless not restricted to employees who are worried about retaliation both our companies have decided to remain open but they believe they're stretching the definition of essential but not the whole so they're saying that because we supply workwear or work two people the other sexual companies they still have to cut their products but that's what makes it special do you think they're taking the governor's order seriously not at all so we reached out to those companies why is your business considered essential some companies we spoke to say they make supplies for essential industries and that is included in the governor's order workers see it feel like you're just being greedy as an excuse to keep their full operation open even if a fraction of what they do is technically essential others you know to know what's best for them and what's best for the company yeah it's very clear that they just don't care about the employees you'll remember that Denver classified liquor and marijuana stores as nonessential port before people freaked out for those two hours on Wednesday and they said oh never mind those places could stay open I do think that's a discussion they're going to do at a later date to really get a better definition on that in boulder the city's gonna temporarily temporarily suspended ten cent fee for plastic bags at grocery stores some people in boulder have pointed out that reusable bags can potentially carry coronavirus boulder suspension of the grocery bags he will be in effect for the next thirty days if you continue to use a reusable bag boulder encourages you to wash them before and after shopping in hot soapy water and finally Rostock in the Beatles Abbey Road album cover is getting a fresh paint job London currently on lockdown because the viruses since no one is out about the city's highway maintenance department.

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