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Love this podcast. Support this show through the ACOSS supportively Joe. It's up to you. How much you give and there's no regular commitment. Just hit the link in the show description to support now. Fifteen seconds guy internal. Ni- ignition sequence. Space Nuts. To! Radio. report it feels good. Hello once again for joining us on the space, nuts podcast episode, two hundred one, and thank you to all those people who sent his good wishes about achieving two hundred episodes. The three of you must have listened intently to know that it was as two hundred episode. We we appreciate the feedback air few people on various platforms. Says some NAS notes joining me as always. is Professor Fred. Watson Astronomer Lodge Hello Fred Andrew how you going? Your strident voice again. Thank you sir. Yes, good he yours too, and I hope you well still still in relation assume yeah, that's right, but all going well, we're. Just working from home. Carrying on carrying on you do. Yes absolutely and I was starting to say the the rules being relaxed in New South while so people are starting to venture out I think is. Is People being very cautious? But a lot of people taking advantage of the opportunity to visit, family and friends on a very very limited basis and maintain social distancing cetera down. It looks like whatever we've done to tile. Spread of the disease has worked very well in Australia, which is You know you gotta tip you to the authorities I now it was a hard sell, but tap pipe must have taken notice, and we've good cells down to less than a thousand active cases in the country now, which is just fantastic. Indeed and fingers crossed. That will keep going in that direction and thoughts are always with people in other parts of the world where things aren't going anywhere near as well. Yeah I I was looking at the statistics in the United. States today and I'm I'm gobsmacked to be honest I. Don't want to dwell on that, but g some of those states in America really in a bad way at the moment. But it's different for every country different rules different systems. Different capabilities seem to really be a factor as well but..

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