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In transportation we've got this new technology that's coming out towards a thomas vehicle self driving vehicles autopilot isn't selfdriving it's but it's a step towards that and we're seeing companies struggle with how that is going to affect them we're also seeing these government agencies try to figure out how they're going to regulate them and how they're going to ensure safety and the ntsb given its experience at aviation that that it may be maybe a natural for this the space at least that's what some experts are saying tended to feel that you have you know that the lawyers are driving the bus here in other words this this sort of greg right after the fact claiming of the narrative sounds like what you do with crisis communications experts and lawyers well longtime automotive observers would say this is incredibly unusual because usually you wanna you might want to do this you might want to punch back but traditionally companies are going to bunker down but yuan musk is ultra aggressive and he he punches punches back when people punch him tim higgins wealth street journal tech and auto reporter thanks for stopping in this morning kcbs news time six twenty four time for us to head over to the kcbs super micro money desk jason brooks is in this morning is update sponsored by shane company and sousa tesla shares are moving higher by two percent this as elon musk sent out a tweet saying that tesla will be cash flow positive and profitable by the third and fourth quarter of this year wall street is looking to close out the week with a rally with stock futures building on the solid gains from thursday in which investor concerns over an imminent us missile strike on syria dialed back sending the dow higher by almost three hundred points bank earnings get a big assist for today's move with shares moving higher for wells fargo j p morgan and citi group after the trio reported strong firstquarter earnings wells fargo's profits surged higher by over five percent although the san francisco based bank says it may have to restate its earnings as it considers a one billion dollar settlement with regulators over the company's numerous risk risk management issues facebook is feeling confident that it's business will escape serious damage from its user data scandal facebook vice president of global marketing solutions caroline everson told the wall street.

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