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And of course you said we talked about uh some of those people that work with the clintons who talked about what they would do joining the cupboard and things of this nature and then for clinton an arena abramovic there's two things that i noticed one in some of the videos where she's actually painting needs tiny little effigies they kind of like the golam it's almost as if we're bringing and invoking some form of life and when you look at the substance that use she went back to allaster crowley and allaster kelly had a ceremony called take of light now zerkalo use the cake of light sacrament or ceremony he used blood and honey and a few other things she changed that up she uses blood which is the life force seamen which is the seat of life in breast milk which is a nurturing substance you take blood seamen and breast milk mix them together in she paints this at the jeep i found this very interesting and i think it's very very unique and terms of what's not really been talked about clyde she says that these artistic expressions are done in public but when they're done in private they're not just art they are legitimate and ritual practices now and i would suggest of invocation and i'll tell you why very briefly here there's a sixteen thcentury elk chemical text there's dozen of the that this is the one i used in my book the technological elixir it's by a physician name par celsius he was an alchemist i'll tell you why why don't we take a break your word run a time were talking about herself as an course for you think of ourselves as you think of the who monkey listen several other things which i think is an amazing ryan gave was done on ground zero where have him talk more about how the times the realities are are in in essence being manufactured by these sorcerer's schaumann and and people were practicing the dark ours is really amazing how this is all infiltrated the church and it's infiltrated politics as well tripoli six seven three three seven hundred we'll be back for medical alert.

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