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Convoy is making its way down and around the beltway right now your delays are going to be centralized on two 70 Southbound still very slow out of urbana headed past one O 9 and then below speed after that China head in through Gaithersburg the very very front end of the trucks seems to be closer to 28 in Rockville headed on to the southbound spur to get onto the outer loop of the beltway Now we had some earlier problems along I 70 it was eastbound after 66 in boonesborough You may still find some crash activity there on the right side but before 15 and three 40 near the mount Philip wrote overpass everything there had been over on the left shoulder so those delays are starting to ease on the beltway itself inter loop after the toll road watch for the work in the right lane the outer loop ramp to westbound 66 a single lane on the ramp gets by the work We're also seeing a bit of a delay on the northbound George Washington Parkway now This is the work zone set up in northbound after spout run with a single lane getting you by eastbound route 70 route 9 there had been a wreck along the right side also southbound 95 slows crossing the arc one near one 23 there had been a work zone set up Southbound D.C. two 95 delays are from burrows past these capital street north bounce laws from the 11th street bridge headed past that same stretch watch for the crash in either direction Businesses that make energy efficiency upgrades can save an average of $3000 in utility costs each year Learn more at Pepco dot com slash business savings I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Not a storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman Partly to mostly cloudy today would be cool but milder than yesterday highs low to mid 50s tonight mostly clear and cold Those dropping into the low to.

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