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This story. Coming up at nine thirty one footprints in the snow helped Aurora police make an arrest last weekend. WBZ M's Pat Cassidy reports Aurora. Police heard gunshots early Saturday morning from the area of college avenue and union street found two men and a parked car. One acting very nervous one question. Daily herald reports one obser- then noticed footprints in the fresh snow bottle them to a backyard grill handgun inside the other officer match the snow footprints one the suspect shoes and a surveillance video the suspect firing shots in the air. Twenty-four-year-old? Hobby are garb Aurora faces numerous serious gun charges. Pat, Cassidy NewsRadio not of high point nine FM. An iconic Chicago shopping site is introducing new rules for young people CBS to reports that water. Tower places adopted a parental guidance required program which calls for anyone aged seventeen and under to be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult who is at least twenty one years old after four pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Mitch Feldman senior general manager of water tower place says the new program which begins tomorrow is an effort to eliminate disruptive behavior by unsupervised youth last Saturday a disruptive group caused stores at water tower place to close an hour early as a precaution. Kane county's new sheriff spent last night in a cell in his own jail. But not because of anything he did wrong sheriff Ron Hain wanted to see for himself whether inmate complaints about jail conditions were valid so he lived like an inmate Hanes slept without a cellmate and more standard issue. Underwear socks orange shirt and pants and received a blanket and toiletries sheriff Haynes says he found nearly everything except for the noise to be comfortable this a little louder than than comfort for firstly. But you know, again, it's a jail. Hanes says he plans to spend about one night a month in the Kane county jail part of a neighborhood on Chicago's near north west side is getting a new name aldermen. Roberto Maldonado is taking legislative steps he says will preserve Humboldt park's rich ethnic culture, while also spurring economic group. The commercial district of division street from western avenue to grand avenue now will be known as Puerto Rico town, according to a resolution introduced in October alderman Maldonado says he eventually wants to convert the entire stretch of street into a special purpose district. But it's unclear exactly what that would entail..

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