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Sheriff Larry Smith says he expects capital murder charges to be filed against that shooter who has not yet been identified. That Harris County Deputy killed in apparel in motorcycle accident Saturday night leaves behind a wife and three adult Children. Sergeant Bruce Watson had worked at the department's command center last night. Harris County Sheriff's Office lit it up in blue. It's now 604. We have Texas kids returning to classrooms today, some of them after the Christmas break. The teachers union, though, isn't happy that they can't get vaccinated yet for covert 19. They called us essential workers when they needed schools open for the economy, But they are prioritizing educators that are at the classrooms of 20 to 25 to 30 kids. Zeph Kapo there with the Texas American Federation of Teachers talking to our TV partner, Channel two teachers, not part of that group One be according to the state, the demand so high meantime, here in Houston for covert vaccine that the city's call center to make appointments. Crashed. On Saturday about the time they were opening it up. 605 is our time 2021. Do you like it? So far, it was volatile and 2020 in terms of the economy. The new year on Wall Street begins today. And here's ktrh is Jeff Biggs. And thankfully, 2020 is finally over. Although Ktrh money Man Patch in told Katie rates who was actually a pretty good year for the stock market. Yeah. So 2020 turned out to be a very, very good year for the stock market. The main takeaway that came as a big surprise. We had earnings go down and stock prices go up. That's an unusual combination. Action also told Ktrh he expects the economy to reach its peak by summertime. The advice for the new year would be remembered. No. One area of the market states. The best so be willing to look for 2021 for other areas of the market to outperform has some good advice there from patch in. All right, just trying to stay calm. Real estate markets have really been booming, especially here in the state of Texas, and now it looks like maybe affordability could be more of a factor moving forward this year. Housing prices expected to increase by 5.7% use a realtor Lily Jang says that Houston inventory is low right now, people they're looking for more space. Things have changed. Everybody is different now. And as long as interest rates stay low and historically low like they have, we're gonna continue to see this market. The red hot last year ended with 30 year fixed rates down 108 basis points. Year over year. Hey, things looking up the Texas capital Once more you can visit Capitol building the state reopening to the public today with new health and safety protocols in place. Many other state capitals, even the U. S. Capitol still closed to the public in this pandemic. Texas House and Senate. Though they're going to each vote on their own safety protocols, the legislative session begins. Guess what Next week. January 12 maybe some action. Yeah. Can I get something to your restaurant, Austin? Get there. Open again, right? Well, that it was a curve you it was like a shutdown at 10:30 P.m. ordered by the mayor. Right? Well, the attorney general said Nope. They said no. They said they They just shut that down Lawlessness. It is now 607. It was heartbreaking loss for the Texans that close out their season. Titans just barely made a field goal on the game's final play. Mm 41 38. That was the loss After the game, JJ Watt said. It may have been his final game with the team. Texas finished the season with a four and 12 record. The University of Texas. They force football coach Tom Herman. They fired him and Tom Herman in a surprise move over the weekend, and they've named Alaska Alabama Steve Starkey Zeon. As his replacement. Sarkeesian joining UT after the national championship game next week against Ohio State that Alabama will be plain Yeon again again. Boring. I'm sure a friar in Hughes's news, weather and traffic station NewsRadio 7 40 ktrh take the Beltway sometimes, and I also take the West part toll road ktrh time saving traffic next on the 10. Hands of the tide. Don't find it boring. If I were in Alabama fan, I wouldn't find it boring Same teams over and over and over again. I'm bored. You know what? Your Texas fan on the Michigan fantasy we gotta get. We just got to get better. That's it. We got to get better that simple. We don't like that boring Alabama beat their butts. I'd rather watch and him Well, they never look good. Great Good bowl game just missed out on the playoffs. Although it's hard to argue not to get into a conversation sports conversation. It's hard to argue after watching the Ohio State did. The clumps is pretty hard to argue. At Ohio State didn't belong in the final four because they think it's some serious but What else was I going to talk about her? I wasn't gonna talk about football. Oh, yes, the world told his family. It's not the Rothschilds or the rocket fellas. Or any other name you want to put in there? It's the Cruz family. Different sort of criteria here. Family siblings. Of the dig crews family officially hold the Guinness world record for having the highest combined age. Oh, okay. That's what makes them the world's oldest family. Ball of siblings total Combined age 1042.

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