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It's like you just gave her the ball is use it fully get it not so much a miller but she was so cute i just love watching our she was amazing and then on a final note i have to say i have discovered something a taekwondo that has changed the entire thing what might earphones oh my choosing it irritated that you have your earphones and she doesn't even realize lovie 'cause you have the what's a call i have those black little beats that going i'm not wearing the huge beats i have little black but that go in your ear what are you listening to you so all right so one of the things that i'm working on is this music thing and so i so i've been listening to the song and i just listen to it over and over for an hour oh my gosh that's amazing isn't that cool but then i just realized just listening to any music in general makes it so much more enjoyable and you know she gets annoyed sometimes if i look down at my phone right but when you i mean i sit through five and a half hours of taekwondo every week three hours of jitsugyo basketball ted is yawkey so many things like at some point you know how long can i stare row and especially when your kids aren't going and unita gray sanda work yeah and i have to sort of multitask sometimes but i knew way of bugs or but what i realized was i can put my music it might your especially tagore because its leaders or could have done with everything and watch her and it's like there's a sound track to what she turns it into a movie that's amazing i love that she's getting so good.

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