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It has for about 70% of the half a million people who've tried it and have ordered more, go to relief factor dot com or call 804 relief to find out about this offer, feel the difference. You live your life in the songs you hear on The Rock and run right here. Volkswagen back, I'm talking to John's mirac Jon it doesn't have people can read your stuff at stream dot org stream dot org. What else should we talk about? Well, Jason Jones and I co authored another piece at the stream called first China came for the Uyghurs and the Vatican said nothing. I don't know if people following China news. The most prominent Christian in China has just been arrested. Cardinal Joseph zen, 90 years old, he's the cardinal of Hong Kong. So he's from the part of China that was free until 1998 under British administration. And then was turned over to communist China. On the promise that it would retain its free political system. Of course, like all promises made by communists, that turned out to be a lie. And there have been crackdowns and arrests and China put into place a law that anyone in Hong Kong violated the Communist Party's authority could be shipped to Mainland China where the courts and the juries would be much stricter. Cardinal zen helped set up a charity fund that would help fund the defense of people against such extradition orders. China just arrested him and everyone else involved in the foundation. And they faced prison time years old. 90 years old. Are you listening, folks? Are you listening? We have companies in America making billions of dollars off of China. They arrested a 90 year old Christian hero. Do you care? Tell us the rest of the story, John. Well, the Vatican doesn't care. A few years back, the Vatican made an alliance with communist China against America. Let me repeat that. The Vatican under Pope Francis drew up an alliance with communist China against Donald Trump's America. It was a secret deal negotiated by someone named cardinal Theodore mccarrick. He's no longer a cardinal because it's come out that he was a pedophile, he had been molesting a child for years, so that's the guy. The crack negotiator of the Catholic Church in Washington, D.C.. Right. He was the archbishop of Washington. He was cozy with power, he smiled. He pretended to be the face of Catholic faith in the nation's capital. If you wonder why we have so called Catholic Christians like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, you can look to mccarrick. So he was friends with them. I mean, of course. When you see the so called pro choice Catholics, they were all pals with mccarrick and with people like him. They're just sad to see. And they're just together doing the business of Caesar. So mccarrick goes to China. Again, remember Trump is president. And makes this secret deal. The terms of it are secret, which reminds me of the Hitler Stalin pact in 1939. You have two apparent enemies suddenly making a secret deal and an alliance against whom. In both cases, against the democratic west. In both cases against the U.S. and England and the free market and the constitution, it's forces of evil and in the case of Francis, it's less wing Marxist infected Catholicism that is friendly to the sexual revolution, friendly to abortion, friendly to gay marriage, friendly to the destruction of the family. In other words, the forces of evil, the forces of outright evil. So this deal between the Vatican and China. Was supposed to help protect the religious freedom of Catholics in China. It did not. In fact, it led to more of them being arrested. It led to Protestant churches that don't cooperate with the Chinese government, getting bulldozed. They're getting torn down. People going to prison. At the same time, China cracked down on the Uyghur Muslims. 3 million Uighurs and other Turkish ethnic minorities in what they call the province of Xinjiang. Uyghurs call east turkestan. 3 million of them are in concentration camps right now. Getting tortured, getting re-educated, being forced to have abortions and worst of all being cut open while they are still alive to steal their bodily organs and sell them on the international black market, which is Forbes magazine reported that. That's not weekly world news. That's not funny. If you give a penny to the NBA or if you're a fan of LeBron James, there are people making billions of dollars. Participating in the satanic evil that John just mentioned going on in China folks. If you don't care about this, you are dead inside. We need to wake up. And thank you for writing this article. And the new movie Top Gun. It falsifies American history. In the original Top Gun, they were a patch from the flying tigers from when the American airmen who helped fight for nationalist China against Japan in 1941. China said you can't have that because that represents another Chinese regime. So they took it off. Top Gun this so called patriotic movie is catering to kowtowing to communist China. So no, don't waste your money on the Top Gun. Go see something else. Stay home and pray, but don't go see Top Gun because it is part of this sniveling before the communist overlords in China. And what we need to we need to pray for Cardinals in and the other imprisoned religious believers Christian and non Christian in the totalitarian hellhole that is China and we need to hold the Biden administration responsible for whatever secret deal they have with the Chinese that.

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