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I'm Gary Rain. I this is my life blood like please. I love my favorite moment was Tessa Thompson who will be marvel's Marvel's first Queer Superhero and she said well she's a keying and she needs to find her queen and I love that because she was named a King at the end of infinity war or endgame she was named a King at the end of end game and she's. I think a lot of fans are hoping that her queen is <hes> possibly Captain Marvel you'll see but that's really cool and I'm so glad that she is <hes> and of course we had Natalie Portman taking on <hes> milner taking on a the the hammer for thor dope before we hop more into marvel. I did want to talk about some of these trailers that dropped who done I don't know if y'all are able to see the two trailer definitely did yes so the cast sat down with Conan <hes> and that was part of scared Diego you were there ever scared Diego <hes> and it like they showed four three the showed three different <hes> <hes> scenes and let's just astrit. Let's just say I wrote about the two but <hes> let's say that it was it it's GonNa meet expectations. May beyond chapter one really like I was my heart like I know my heart was pounding Zoa scarier than the trailer. It was scared trailer. The scenes means that they showed <hes> till it's like Oh. Please don't reveal a so we all like the Preston and do that so we're on the podcast here scenes that wasn't in the original original <hes> it that I was just like I really appreciate it at the added and it was like really really intense..

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