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It gives you the latest breaking news when he hits the air this is the sean hannity show had as we roll along twenty five now til the top of the i find this fascinating that rod rosenstein is out there say they leak their own first draft on memo's any actually said the t o j will not be extorted on mike extorted it's you know but did you follow the rule of law why did do you have conflicts that should have led to your recusals in this particular case that's what's at stake here then rod rosenstein now we have reported and and have corroborated that rod rosenstein is one of the people that signed up signed off on the pfizer warrants remember the pfizer warrants unverified uncorroborated the bulk of information according to the grassley grand memo was the steele dossier that hillary bought and paid for with russian lies rod rosenstein actually said the four people that did wrong in the doj face consequences already because he's talking about mccabe struck page and bruce or why think there are others there as well including james komi leaking information the way he did now the three people who leaked it to i it was one person so that was a lie by omission under oath because they didn't tell us about the other two people but they're all three now just coincidentally became jim commes lawyer because then he has attorney client privilege which i guess doesn't mean anything anymore anyway i'm just guessing about that this stuff i'm reading in the newspapers doesn't mean anything anyway rod rosenstein then goes on to say four people that did wrong in the doj face consequences and adviser applications of serious and if they're found there are false serious consequences look play that the way we operate in the department of justice if we can accuse somebody of wrongdoing we have to have admissible evidence credible witnesses to prepare to prove our case in court and we have to fix our signature to the charging document that's something that not everybody appreciates now there's a lot of talk about pfizer applications and many people that i see talking about it seem not to recognize what a fis applicator fights application is actually a warrant just like a search warrant in order to get pfizer search warrant you need an affidavit signed by a career federal law enforcement officer who swears they'd be information in the affidavit.

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