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Dot us this is all things considered for npr news i'm mary louise kelley and i'm audie cornish after the mass shooting at a florida high school earlier this year president trump indicated he would support stricter gun control measures he suggested some republican lawmakers were quote afraid of the nra well today he addressed tens of thousands of national rifle association members at their annual meeting in dallas and he struck a very different tone npr's wade goodwin joins us from the k bailey hutchinson convention center to talk more about what the president had to say hey they're way good afternoon so set the stage for us what was the tone of this event i guess it had a couple of different tones it was on one hand celebratory in defiant and on the other it was kind of combative and defensive there were a lot of attacks on the national media who were depicted as unrepentant liars determined to rob freedom freedom loving gun owners of their ability to defend themselves and there was acknowledgment i think that high school students who have worked nuys march and walked out of their schools after the parkland killings have had some effect here's president trump speaking to the changing political landscape your second amendment rights are under siege but they will never as long as i'm president you'll remember after the killings at parkland president trump suggested that the age at which americans can buy guns should be raised to twenty one from eighteen and he vowed to help convince the ra leadership about this but there was no mention of anything like that today i think because the president was clued in pretty quickly that there was no appetite for that kind of thing and the republican controlled congress and senate was there also feeling of the kind of like campaign rally and i asked because this conversation about midterm elections and democrats gaining more power in washington that is always never far behind when it comes to the nra there was plenty of plenty of talk from the lectern from pretty much every speaker that appeared of course they know that they're preaching to the choir because the audience in this arena or not the ones that are gonna have to worry about these people are gonna vote still the speakers.

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