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The widespread national anthem protests from fox news it took the nfl by storm last season were reportedly have an impact on how the houston texans pursue free agent smile two agents to nfl agents told the houston chronicle on saturday that the team has not interested in players who participated in protest during the national anthem there was no official directive in the organization but it is understood that the team is not going to pursue anyone who participated in the protest the paper reported the texans uh had their own a car diversity during the season when team owner bob mcnair said that we can't have the inmates running the prison during a meeting of nfl owners ballplayers who protest by kneeling during the uh national anthem he said that if he had a chance to do it over he would've not use that expression mcnair insisted he wasn't referring to the players with his comments he said he was referring to the relationship between the league office and team owners and how they had been making significant strategic decisions affecting our league without adequate input from ownership over the past few years uh a majority of texans responded to mcnair comments by kneeling during the national anthem before the following game so you know we brought to you that the you know the owner the buffalo bills coming out in uh uh kimba goal it just last week and stating has got to be a compromise we've talked to the players than and what you when i got on that is basically she is talk to the player she is talk to his you know and if l allows you to do it you're you're affecting your contract by 2020 the players contracts up euroready being told you were told before this all happened before capper nic even kneeled.

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