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Zero off target affects so we don't know if it'll act the same in the human genome though we don't know if it'll cut as accurately and the human genome for whatever reason so you know you need attested 'em but they're not gonna jump directly the researchers fears are currently working on primate studies great so they're doing these experiments in more closely related organism to humans yeah end in one where it's you know these mice had to be given these t cells that are susceptible to hiv right in a in primate studies they have simian immunodeficiency virus so it's a completely be a self contained system that is running kind of in parallel it's similar to the human disease systems so it's the primate model could actually be a much more accurate model than what were what they're looking at and the mice so that hopefully a paper will be coming out in even by the end of the year we don't know let's say let's say remember to when we were talking about these off target affects a is there's very few drugs become side effects you're talking about it yeah yeah good point they have these off target facts and they're like no solemn anyway just telling yeah you know and and when they do like if you see these laundry list of potential side effects when you're seeing the disclaimer on a drug it's not necessarily gonna get all of them it's that there's a lot of things it they saw in the trials and they don't don't know why a otherwise they could potentially have eliminated them from paying off target effects so yeah i mean if if anything is this with these end it's hard to say it started were talking about no off target effects in a mouse who cannot tell you that they remember where they left their keys there there there's there's problems that way as well 'em right so we yeah we don't know if if there are other side effects from the treatment of from all of the tests that they did and they did a lot they didn't see any side effects the by still behaved like mice 'em the tissues to still looks like normal tissues 'em yeah will see we will see but this is a very interesting what they're calling it as a proof of concept andy it's the it's a interesting starting point to see you know is this you know this is a an interesting question can we would with diseases like this where it's this is a virus it takes itself and puts it self in are gino this isn't a question of messing with human genes this is can we use crisper cast nine and other the other drugs in whatever we have to clean a disease of virus out of are gino can we cut it out it's it's an interesting question i yeah yeah we will see so far so good a and then moving on from hiv i have a very a very short yet interesting story about probing atmospheres nasa is wonderful it looking out into the universe in a one of are a nearby fish hundred hundred light years or so away star a solar system called liaised z we've talked about it before has several exo planets orbiting around this this star one of the world's in the glazing system three four seven zero be to be exact it's kind of weird it's like wants to be earth got a rocky core but it's kind of like i wanna be a gas giant also an so it's not it's like i i'm like my math is not earthy but it's not as big as neptune either kind of this weird in between space and i don't know who i am and so humble and spitzer telescopes took a look look at this exo.

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