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Racist call the sexist and so they just they just give up like so for me it's very frustrating because free education provide you you said the language but it's very important to provide two languages in which is an entry to having to being heard is a part of my project was they actually let people speak in their own so I I try to put as much of the book and dialogue as possible to let them speak without me jumping in and and correcting them no I and again I really enjoy that part of the book if there's a a part that I wish you a drill down on more it's was what at first seemed like again a contradiction between your booking and alienated America which was I wrote about how the real affliction of the suffering parts of the country was a lack of things to belong to a lack of places to get connected and I don't mean connections as in connection to the powerful connections to your neighbor and a sense of belonging but I think a lot of your book was writing about how this sort of even in the rubble people were were finding these connections whether it be of the you have a picture of a bingo night Arnold's which is an amazing sight and a Bible study having done a study and a draw a crack house right and you say even in the if you show up at the crack house you belong it's something to belong to so if I'm arguing that the big problem of these places the lack of things to belong to is it just because I didn't I didn't look in the right places or is it a different sort of thing or they I think I to scrounge together things to belong to so what movie if you look at my book every reddit review know much about me I'm the McDonald's guy go to McDonald's all of on a Sunday show now physically but when I started this project I wouldn't go into McDonald's I mean a lot I don't think for the same reasons a lot of people and going to McDonald's but I started hanging out with homeless addicts and they went and almost all the time they want a dollars all the time because of free wifi if you open the bathrooms but most importantly you can just hang out there and so I spend my time in McDonalds hanging out I started seeing friendships form there's also the community there and there are there are mourning groups there are people who I mean the the hi people go who go there before their wedding I mean it's it's it's and and and and very devastated house I Gary Indiana it's basically the town center like there is on a Sunday is one of few places open and operating and you go in there and everything's and that's it it's like the town square you know the old medieval towns where we go everything's happening people playing dominoes people are you know romancing people are reading people are mom doing everything and so it was really funny when I saw this project because I literally would take people out I would meet people McDonald's like it can't believe it I couldn't believe I was seeing so much community in McDonald's to the point where I was in denial where I actually take take take take them out and also take a photo of them I can't possibly have met you McDonald's and I just a minute shot and I realize it McDonald's is a story and what to me this story hello is different I say I'm different me differently and uses which is I always say is like think about women Donald was formed as its form for it in early for transactional in and out and yet it's a community center so the way I say I am the way I did that's the evidence to to me of two things one is people are that desperate from community yep that will form in McDonald's so if you give people a world of Bambino franchises find meaning in community within a world being a franchise so I don't see is initially different from what you saw what I see it as in that I think it may be we went to different places where I went to places where there wasn't anything but sometimes in the tunnels it was a lot it was the last thing standing then going back to my title but that that that belonging that desire for didn't give him the name meant also me is evidence of that that people will go you know people have have you know really roommate romantic relationships about Donald part of part of my argument is that the the lack that a big part of the suffering is a lack of trust of one's neighbors so in other words it's you you go into a a town in West Virginia and they will talk about the outsiders whether it be immigrants or the political class or China you know destroying their town but then I also think that there's less social trust in a lot of these places now different places are going to be different and they're still there it's still going to be poor places where people leave their bikes on the front yard but I mean you're talking about guys protecting their their sh three corners with guns you're talking about you know guys getting shot they're not getting shot by I mean they're not getting shot by outsiders by you know bring gains of Washington lobbyists coming in and shoot shooting them even in Selma the problem is in the the the police dogs I mean not the problem the the main threat to their life is in the police dogs and racist white cops anymore it's going to be the fact that the social fabric has broken down so much that what they're engaging in for commerce what they're engaging in for sense of meaning is going to be warfare and drugs and so I think I have a very different view on this which is and has been a lot of time in drug houses and around drug dealers and and so are bad things go down but I also spent twenty years on Wall Street and all things and to me it's simply their legal system I will if if if you screw me over on Wall Street I'm a lawyer up and I'm gonna sue you and it's gonna be all very pleasant and you know you you screw me over in a trade in they don't have that option so that's our legal system and they can't they can't trust the cops because the cops you know be trusted Menard also doing the other they're working in the the black economy because the the the the illegal economy has a legal com is available to them I mean I've made I've I'm pretty on a you know I spent a lot of time around drug dealers slinging drugs and Hey if I if I going up on those neighbors I'd be a drug dealer and I think most every person I work in St would have the same thing and they've grown up there it's entrepreneurial you know what I mean it's like it's like there is the option you have so you go with the option you have no I'm not encouraging people to go sling drugs on the corner I'm just saying that I re frame it as looking at it as a functional system believe or not that's you know that's working with because then the system the the the the are outside system isn't functional for them they're going to create their own functional system they say is like I actually what I find fascinating is the opposite which is even in the most destitute situations people form rules inform order yeah so you'll be in a drug place and there's rules you can either on written but they're there and so I find it fascinating that people actually self organizing route when they form communities for this as we know it was in a I scholar Robert Nisbet wrote the quest for community and so that when people are deprived of it they see get more that's what we're talking about early sometimes it'll be drugs sometimes it'll be something that we might think is is better for them but I have two more things and we're going to week one point for that which is I think there's also something but when I call on owning the stigma if you have if you get accused of being a dirty drug dealer and have all these negative consequences insurance yep that's me you know you you call me this all the time I might as well be it well yeah so this is like that's what addicts do is the only only addiction right like you call me dirty I thought that's it man in this are we exaggerating or addiction or a deplorable exactly the same thing like you Sir owning the stigma is about hosted by the American enterprise institute Chris Arnott dignity conversation with him in the car so a couple more things and we'll go to questions who something close to raise you talk about you say it's your sort of allowed the one privilege that African American has is that you're allowed to and it's fine to have ethnic identity racial identity in to find meaning in that and I sometimes wonder if the white identity comes from a loss of ethnic identity so I never the card invoice didn't walk around thinking of ourselves as white because we were Irish Americans to say that we have more in common with the Italian kids we did with the black kids are the careening kids was sort of a laughable what did we have in common with them and SO in if you look at places where people are more likely if you ask them their ethnicity in the census say I'm American not I'm African American and native American not my nationalities American but what's your ethnicity and they say for example are you doctor you African American and he said no I'm just American that's mostly Appalachian mostly white people who frankly are Scots Irish and that that I think is where you're going to find a high correlation with that with opioids with hi trump support in the in the early primaries that a lack of ethnicity is tied up for the lack of religion in people then seeking some other form of identity which might be white I I I I don't I don't think I'm really a good person to answer that question but what I would say is D. what what what hell get for how I saw a flipped on its head in a negative way an ugly way was the wire wire blacks allowed to be proud of their race and I'm not both possibly so that to me and you know if you're sitting at a bar an Applebee's at two in the morning the person next to you says that after eight beers you can try to start talking about privilege you know social structures talk about cultural capital talk about majorities minorities or you can just simply say is the right thing to do and and my answer would be like if if you identify this Polish nobody would hold that against you I mean I think we still have difficulties because people say all were there the days for the Irish kids beat up the Polish kids are being of the Jewish kids but I do think that that the the white mass is replacing other identities specifically religion I don't because I'm in Lewiston which was quite a quite often sh fresh French Canadian American get my hyphens right they were the most likely the trump voters so I mom yeah what I will say to this point is when I go back to my non critical forms of meaning faith place and race I always say it's like and then there's materials resume the critic so you have to choose one of the four I I say like it's like a it's like a one of the four is one of the three nine when uniforms a meeting is going to be chosen by people because people people with nothing on to something so it's kind of like a rug in a room which one do you know you can try to push one down the pops up someplace else I personally think racial identity is the most dangerous one for the people to start seeking support speaking meaning and because you know for variety all of all the obvious reasons but my warning has always been to the left if you into the lease if you stop we keep the value in faith and keep the value in place and you keep popping up the ante on making this kind of this this rat race of building resumes and going universities you're gonna get a backlash that's going to go in the race and it's going to happen very quickly and so what frustrates me sometimes is great racism is malleable looking at them for awhile you know there is Lewis and I don't know if you know Lewiston is a town in Maine that is thirty thousand people lost its faucets fosters a textile mills took to Mexico and others downtown and date night was ninety nine percent white Quebecor French Canadian American and then Smalley Americans came they replace their family was placed there initially ninety eight and then some other small Americans so I spent some time there I was talking to the the professor of anthropology who's who said about racism she said racism one of the machines she studies this issue she said one of the things that you'll see is when someone visually different is seen to be jumping the queue jumping the line that's when you get a big up swing and racism by the majority and that night I'm sitting at.

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